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Area Studies Microforms

Area Studies microforms collections are those collections which pertain to a specific region and/or country. Collections are grouped by region, and within region, alphabetically by country. Be sure to check listings for both the general resources and the

Colección de documentos inéditos relativos al descubrimiento, conquista y organización de las antiguas posesiones españolas de américa y oceania.

Washington, D.C.: Library of Congress Photoduplication, 1978
7 reel(s)

These documents from the Royal Indian Archives and other royal archives, covering the period from the thirteenth to the eighteenth century, relate to the discovery, conquest, and settlement of former Spanish possession in the Americas and East Indies. The collection includes forty-two separate volumes. Although there is no systematic arrangement for the documents, an index is included at the end of each volume and volume 33 includes a retrospective, chronological index covering the years 1474-1660.


Four Centuries of Spanish Drama.


8000 plays.

Each play is cataloged.

MICF 862


Thompson, Lawrence Sidney, 1916- A bibliography of Spanish plays on microcards, by Lawrence S. Thompson.

Humboldt, Alexander von. Political Essays on the Kingdom of New Spain Containing Researches Relative to the Military Defense of New Spain: with Physical Sections and Maps.

London: Longman (and others), 1811 
2 reel(s)

These volumes contain research “relative to the geography of Mexico, the extent of its surface and its political division into intendancies, the physical aspect of the country, the population, the state of agriculture and manufacturing and commercial industry, the canals projected between the South Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, the Crown revenues, the quantity of the precious metals which have flowed from Mexico into Europe and Asia since the discovery of the new continent, and the military defense of New Spain.” Reel 1 contains volumes 1-2. Reel 2 contains volumes 3-4.

Note: Translation of "Essai politique sur le royaume de la Nouvelle Espagne" which forms pt. 3 of "Voyage de Humboldt et Bonpland." Translated by John Black.

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Letters of Marque, Declarations Against France, Spain and the United Provinces, 1777-1783, in the Public Record Office.

East Ardsley, Wakefield, Yorkshire, England: Microform Academic Publishers, 1985
British Records Relating to America in Microform
8 reel(s)

During the War for American Independence, the British Admiralty issued the letters of marque to private shipowners authorizing them to raid the shipping of France, Spain, and the Netherlands, in addition to raiding that of the rebellious colonies. To obtain a letter of marque, a ship owner had to supply detailed information including an exact description of the vessel, as well as the port of origin and name of owners. With these letters of marque, shipowners could then seize enemy ships and bring them to any British port to be condemned and sold, with prize money going to the owner, captain, and crew.



Minchinton, Walter E. Letters of marque, declarations against France, Spain, and United Provinces, 1777-1783 (HCA 26/33-59) in the Public Record Office, London [guide]  PDF

The guide contains information on the provenance of the collection, historical background on letters of marque, and the use of letters of marque against France, Spain, and the Netherlands, a table of contents for the film, and a bibliography of related works.

Also available under call number  HF3505.6 .M484 1985.

Library of Congress. Division of Bibliography. Spanish-American War: A List of References.

Washington, DC: Library of Congress, 1942 
1 reel(s)

Compiled by Florence S. Hellman, Chief Bibliographer, there are 152 sources as of 1942.

Supplementary to “A list of books on the Spanish-American War,” December 24, 1900.

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Spanish and Portuguese Bibliographies.

New Canaan, CT: Readex Corporation, 
666 card(s)

Not cataloged in MERLIN.

MICPT 016.98

Spanish Drama of the Golden Age 1500-1700.

Woodbridge, CT: Research Publications, 
86 reel(s)

3200 titles

Each title is cataloged in MERLIN.

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Regueiro, Jose M. Spanish drama of the golden age; a catalogue of the comedia collection in the University of Pennsylvania Libraries

Spanish Rare Books of the Golden Age (1472-1700) Items 1-1301

United States. Continental Congress. Miscellaneous Papers of the Continental Congress, 1774-1789.

Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Service, 1962 
National Archives microfilm publication. Microcopy co. M 332; v. National Archives record group 360.
9 reel(s)

This collection includes items not part of the main body of records reproduced as Papers of the Continental Congress (M 247). These miscellaneous papers, dated mostly from 1774 to 1789, are arranged by type of document such as dispatches, letters, credentials, and other papers, and then alphabetically by author or subject. The material includes information on foreign affairs, fiscal problems, naval affairs, cessions of western lands, the credentials of delegates to the Continental Congress, and papers relating to particular states. Specifically, the collection contains diplomatic dispatches from John Adams, William Carmichael, Benjamin Franklin, Henry Laurens, John de Neufville, and others, as well as correspondence relating to Spain and the Barbary States.

An uncataloged guide, Miscellaneous Papers of the Continental Congress, 1774-1789, is available in the Special Collections Office. This guide contains information on the arrangement of the material and a description of the contents of each reel.

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United States. Department of State. Foreign Letters of the Continental Congress and the Department of State, 1785-1790.

Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Service, 1943 
National Archives microfilm publications. Microcopy no. M 61; v. National Archives record group 59.
1 reel(s)

The microfilm contains instructions to American ministers and consuls abroad. The instructions were dispatched by John Jay, Secretary for Foreign Affairs, later acting head of the Department of State (January 14, 1785 – March 3, 1790), and by Thomas Jefferson, Secretary of State (March 30 – December 23, 1790). The letters deal with a wide variety of subjects: diplomatic relations with foreign governments (Holland, Great Britain, France, Spain, Portugal, and Morocco), American loans abroad, commerce, shipping, slavery, and relations between the Congress and individual states of the Union.

A short introductory note and an index-register of the letters precedes the letters.

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