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Area Studies Microforms

Area Studies microforms collections are those collections which pertain to a specific region and/or country. Collections are grouped by region, and within region, alphabetically by country. Be sure to check listings for both the general resources and the

United States. Department of State. Records of the Department of State Relating to Internal Affairs of Liberia, 1910-29.

Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Service, 1965
National Archives microfilm publications. Microcopy no. M 613. National Archives record group 59.
34 reel(s)

The largest group of records in this Department of State decimal file relates to economic matters. Included are records relating to negotiation of loan agreements with France, Germany, Great Britain, and the United States, controversies involving the Customs Receivership, alleged violation of neutrality on the part of the German receiver of customs in World War I, appointment of finance officials for the Liberian government, administration of the sinking fund on the 5% gold bond loan of 1913, a loan of five million dollars by the United States, and criticism in the Liberian press of United States policies. Documents in the collection also pertain to the Kru revolt, equipping and staffing the Liberian Frontier Force, the scheme for colonization of American blacks, and the palm oil and rubber industries. Numerous documents discuss rubber concessions and the loan agreement between Liberia and the Firestone Rubber Company.

An uncataloged guide, Records of the Department of State Relating to Internal Affairs of Liberia, 1910-29, is available in the Special Collections Office and is also filmed on reel one. A complete list of the documents in the collection is on reels one and two. The documents are arranged by subject in accordance with the Department of State’s decimal classification system.

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