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Area Studies Microforms

Area Studies microforms collections are those collections which pertain to a specific region and/or country. Collections are grouped by region, and within region, alphabetically by country. Be sure to check listings for both the general resources and the

United States. Department of State. Notes to Foreign Legations in the U.S. from the Department of State, 1834-1906.

Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Service, 1949 
National Archives microfilm publications. Microcopy no. M 99; v. National archives record group 59.
60 reel(s)

This microfilm contains notes to the legations of Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Bolivia, Ecuador, Brazil, Central American states, Chile, China, Colombia, Cuba, Denmark, France, Prussia and other German states, Great Britain, Italian states, Greece, Turkey, Japan, Korea, Persia (Iran), and Siam (Thailand). The notes deal with a wide variety of subjects, starting with routine diplomatic matters like accreditations of diplomats and ending with settlements of military incidents and border disputes. Other topics dealt with by the notes include trade and claims of American citizens against foreign governments. Each reel starts with a handwritten register. The notes are arranged chronologically within the series dealing with individual countries. Ellis Library has reels 1-56, 61, 66-68 of this 90 reel collection.

National Archives Microfilm Publications, p. 60-61, provides a geographically and chronologically arranged reel list.

FILM 1:10-1:11


United States. National Archives and Records Service. Catalog of national archives microfilm publications.

United States. Department of State. Records of the Department of State Relating to Internal Affairs of Bolivia, 1910-29.

Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Service, 1966 
National Archives microfilm publications. Microcopy no. M 644; v. National Archives record group 59.
33 reel(s)

This collection reflects the turbulence of political life in Bolivia between 1910 and 1929. Such themes as violent coups d'etat (especially the one in which a Liberal president Jose Guerra was superseded by a Republican Juan Savedra), military plots, the persecution of political opposition, and the exile of political opponents figure prominently in these decimal file records. Other subjects covered include presidential, parliamentary, and local elections, provincial revolts, rivalry between the Liberal and the Republican parties, cabinet changes, and constitutional amendments. The collection also provides information about the strength and attitudes of the Bolivian army, the activities of German officers and military instructors, and the build up of war material for the conflict with Paraguay over Chaco. Other records concern education, social affairs, labor conditions, wages and prices, strikes and lockouts, and American corporations in Bolivia.

An uncataloged guide, Records of the Department of State Relating to Internal Affairs of Bolivia, 1910-29, is available in the Special Collections Office and is filmed on reel one. Also on reel one and continuing on reel two is a complete list of documents included in the collection. The documents are arranged by subject according to the Department of State's decimal classification system.

FILM 8:3-4