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Course Reserves

How to Search for Print Reserves in our New Catalog

The libraries switched to a new catalog over Summer 2022, so how you search for print reserves has changed. To now find your print reserves, you will search directly into the catalog as if you were searching for an item. You can do this through the blue Discover@MU search box on the library's website. Or you can click on the "Search for Items on Print Reserve" button in the box above, which will take you to the advanced search page of the catalog.

In the search box, you can either type the course number, course name, or instructor's name. Above the first search result should be a gray box labeled course reserves. Your course should be within this box. Hit the blue "View Reserves" button next to your course to see the availability of the items.

Please contact your respective library's reserves if you are having trouble finding your print reserves.

What is Course Reserves?

What is Course Reserves?

  • Course Reserves is a service that allows instructors to make books, articles, and other course materials available to their students through Print Reserve and E-Reserves.
    • Print Reserve: physical books, DVDs, etc. pulled from the library's collection for a specific course. These items are given a limited checkout period to increase access to students.
    • E-Reserves: an online application that makes electronic books, articles, etc. accessible to students through a centralized course page.

Where Can I Find Course Reserves Items?

  • Print Reserve materials check out at the Circulation Desk at Ellis Library and each of the branch libraries.
    • To search for print reserves in the catalog, enter the course code, course name, or instructor name. A gray box describing the course should be above the first result. Hit the blue "View Reserves" button to view the items.
  • E-Reserve materials are available through the library website by searching the E-Reserves Course List or under the Library Resources Tool in Canvas.
  • Please visit our Student Guide or Faculty Guide for a detailed guide on using Course Reserves.