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Course Reserves

What is Course Reserves?

What is Course Reserves?

  • Course Reserves is a service that allows instructors to make books, articles, and other course materials available to their students through Print Reserve and E-Reserves.
    • Print Reserve: physical books, DVDs, etc. pulled from the library's collection for a specific course. These items are given a limited checkout period to increase access to students.
    • E-Reserves: an online application that makes electronic books, articles, etc. accessible to students through a centralized course page.

Where Can I Find Course Reserves Items?

  • Print Reserve materials check out at the Circulation Desk at Ellis Library and each of the branch libraries.
  • E-Reserve materials are available through the library website by searching the E-Reserves Course List or under the Library Resources Tool in Canvas.
  • Please visit our Student Guide or Faculty Guide for a detailed guide on using Course Reserves.