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Course Reserves

Use E-Reserves

Search for E-Reserves Courses

  • Find your instructor's E-Reserve list through the Library Resources Tool in Canvas or by searching the E-Reserves course list by the course or instructor's name.
    • Your instructor will provide you with a password for access to their E-Reserves course.
  • For a brief tutorial on how to access courses in E-Reserves, view the video below.

Off-Campus Access

  • Some items on E-Reserves may require you to log in through the MU Proxy Server if you are not on campus.
    • To use the proxy server, all you will need is your username (myZou username and password)
    • If you have difficulty logging in to the proxy server, please follow our troubleshooting steps located on our Off Campus MU Proxy page.

Check Out Items on Print Reserve

  • Each library has a Print Reserve section located at the Checkout Desk.
  • To check out materials, students need either their physical MU ID card, their mobile ID, or their driver's license and student ID number.
  • Checkout periods can range from two hours or up to two weeks.
  • Due to the demand for reserve items, it will be at the discretion of staff whether you may recheck out items. You may be asked to wait 30 minutes to an hour.
  • To see a list of what is on Reserve for your course, search the catalog by course number, course name, or instructor name. It should be above the first search result. Hit the blue "View Reserves" button to view the item(s).
  • Laptops and other equipment are also available to check out at Ellis Reserve and the branch libraries.


Scanners - There are several scanners available for use throughout Ellis Library and the branch libraries.