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Area Studies Microforms

Area Studies microforms collections are those collections which pertain to a specific region and/or country. Collections are grouped by region, and within region, alphabetically by country. Be sure to check listings for both the general resources and the

Eichmann, Adolf 1906-1962. Adolf Eichmann: Papers Relating to Adolf Eichmann Compiled by the Weiner [I.E. Wiener] Library, London, 1961.

London: Micro Methods, 1961 
1 reel(s)

Papers spanning the period from 1934 to 1960 relate to Adolf Eichmann's role as a member of the Gestapo. Wartime papers discuss the evacuation of Jews and Poles from the eastern territories and France, Belgium, and Holland, the deportations to Auschwitz, and attempts to prevent the emigration of Jews to Palestine. Postwar documents reveal Eichmann's role in the extermination of the Jews at Auschwitz and other concentration camps, and the use of forced labor. Arranged chronologically, most of the documents are in German, with a few of the later reports in English. The index provides short English summaries.

An index at the beginning of the reel indicates the contents of each document.

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Letters of Marque, Declarations Against France, Spain and the United Provinces, 1777-1783, in the Public Record Office.

East Ardsley, Wakefield, Yorkshire, England: Microform Academic Publishers, 1985
British Records Relating to America in Microform
8 reel(s)

During the War for American Independence, the British Admiralty issued the letters of marque to private shipowners authorizing them to raid the shipping of France, Spain, and the Netherlands, in addition to raiding that of the rebellious colonies. To obtain a letter of marque, a ship owner had to supply detailed information including an exact description of the vessel, as well as the port of origin and name of owners. With these letters of marque, shipowners could then seize enemy ships and bring them to any British port to be condemned and sold, with prize money going to the owner, captain, and crew.



Minchinton, Walter E. Letters of marque, declarations against France, Spain, and United Provinces, 1777-1783 (HCA 26/33-59) in the Public Record Office, London [guide]  PDF

The guide contains information on the provenance of the collection, historical background on letters of marque, and the use of letters of marque against France, Spain, and the Netherlands, a table of contents for the film, and a bibliography of related works.

Also available under call number  HF3505.6 .M484 1985.

United States. Department of State. Records of the Department of State Relating to Internal Affairs of the Netherlands, 1910-29.

Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Service, 1967 
National Archives microfilm publications. Microcopy no. M 682; v. National Archives record group 59
54 reel(s)

Records in this decimal file concern internal political affairs of the Netherlands and Netherlands' possessions, which include the Netherlands East Indies, especially Java, Madura, Sumatra, and Celebes and the Netherlands West Indies, specifically Surinam and Curacao. Internal affairs discussed include Bolshevik and Socialist activities, national courts, public health, military affairs, economic matters including financial affairs of Amsterdam and Haarlem, and patent and trademark registration and infringement. Several reels are devoted to the subject of petroleum in the Netherlands East Indies.

An uncataloged guide, Records of the Department of State Relating to Internal Affairs of the Netherlands, 1910-29, is available in the Special Collections Office. A complete list of the contents is on reels 1-3. The documents are arranged by subject according to the Department of State's decimal classification system.

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