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Area Studies Microforms

Area Studies microforms collections are those collections which pertain to a specific region and/or country. Collections are grouped by region, and within region, alphabetically by country. Be sure to check listings for both the general resources and the

Crises in Panama and the Dominican Republic: National Security Files and NSC Histories (1963-1969).

Frederick, Maryland: University Publications of America, 1982
Presidential documents series
8 reel(s)

In 1964, rioting erupted in Panama directed largely against United States’ control of the Panama Canal. During the next four years, the United States and Panama renegotiated treaties concerning the Canal. In 1965, the United States feared the possibility of a communist insurgency in the Dominican Republic. This fear led to the military intervention of the United States in that country. This collection contains the documents in the files of the National Security Council that pertain to these events.



A Guide to Crises in Panama and the Dominican Republic : national security files and NSC histories PDF

The guide contains a table of contents and a reel index. Also available under call numberE183.8.P2 G7 1982.

Great Britain. Foreign Office. Further Correspondence Respecting the Affairs of North America, 1912-1921. F.O. 414.

London: Public Record Office, 1967 
3 reel(s)

The official correspondence in this collection from 1913 through 1915 focuses primarily on the situation in revolutionary Mexico. Correspondents discuss the mounting tension between the United States and the Huerta regime and examine the security of British citizens and property in Mexico. They also communicate the current political situation in the United States, concerns about the Panama Canal, and demands for rights in the seal fisheries off the Pribiloff Islands. After 1916, the correspondence includes such topics as the Pan-American Conference, the debate over the League of Nations in the United States Congress, post-World War I territorial adjustments, and especially the Washington Conference of 1921.

A table of contents appears at the beginning of each group of letters. Ellis Library has numbers 235-248.

FILM 10:13

Major Studies and Issue Briefs of the Congressional Research Service, Supplement, 1976-1978.

Washington, D.C: University Publications of America, 1978 
13 reel(s)

The collection consists of studies written for the United States government in the years 1976-1978. The studies cover a wide range of American domestic and international issues. Domestic topics include racial and sexual discrimination, unemployment, welfare reform, crime, prison reform, trade union legislation, alcohol and drug abuse, veteran assistance, social security, food assistance programs, anti-trust regulations, traffic safety, regulations of elections and political campaigns, the functions of the Federal Reserve System, inflation, agricultural policy, and wage-price policy. Among the international issues covered are relations within the United States-Soviet Union-China triangle, American grain exports, American relations with Western Europe, the Arab-Israeli settlement, detente, international terrorism, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the Cyprus crisis, the Panama Canal Treaty renegotiation, and reports on the situations in individual countries (Northern Ireland, Yugoslavia, China, Cuba).

Each title is cataloged in MERLIN.

FILM BOOK 0311 1976-78


A Guide to Major studies and issue briefs of the Congressional Research Service … Supplement.

The guide lists all the studies by title and provides a subject index.