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Ellis Old and New

There are four pictures on ths page, scroll down to see them all.

Information Commons II before renovation

When the Nutter Information Commons was built, many of the reference books were moved to the large room between the elevators and the Information Commons. This room had held the card catalog from 1985, but the catalog had been decommissioned years before and the space cleared.  

Information Commons II before renovation

 This is a view looking toward the doors of the elevators. There is a small computer lab on the left. On the right are shelves of reference books that had been moved out of the Reference Room.

Information Commons II before renovation looking south


This is a view of the same room looking in the opposite direction.  You can see the top of a "tree" from the Nutter Information Commons in the background.

Computer lab

   This is another view looking south.

Eric microfiche documents

This are cases of microfiche that were located in the same space. They stretched from the doors of the elevator west to the colonnade, which you can see in the background.