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Ellis Old and New

First Floor - west side

University Archives, Collection C: 1/83/15

This is the east side of the plan for the 1st floor. North is at the top.   

Starting from the left. As recently as 1955 the 1st floor of the West Wing had been divided up into the Social Science and Education Area libraries..  Those areas are now moved and the space becomes the Undergraduate Reading Area. The Librarian's Office takes over the space that had been the popular reading room in 1955.

To the right of the entrance, Circulation displaces the reading room of the State Historical Society of Missouri, which moves to the ground floor of the East Addition. In front of Circulation, the Men's Coat Room and Toilet are replaced by elevators.

South of the elevators is new space created by the East Addition. The Acquisitions Department moves there from the ground level of the West Wing. On the west wall of the Acquisitions Department is a book lift. The 1st floor portion of lift was removed when the South Addition was put up, but you can still see the lift doors on the 2nd and 3rd floors.

Western Historical Manuscripts, which had been on 4 West moves into the space vacated by acquisition department.

The catalog is moved from the 2nd floor to an expanded space south of the lobby, where the old Art Seminary Room had once been. 

First floor -- east side

University Archives, Collection C: 1/83/15

This is the plan for the east side of the first floor. The Physical Science Reading Area is located east of Circulation. This area has now been turned into office space and is used by circulation and interlibrary loan departments.

East of Physical Sciences was the Biological Science Reading Area. This area is where the Administrative Offices are now located.

The four seminar rooms 1D31-1D34 east of the new men's toilets were later reconfigured into one large room that house Government Documents materials. Later is was reconfigured again and is now the Telepresence Video Conference Room.

The area south of the new elevators (which replaced the men's coatroom and toilet of the 1916 library) is taken over by  acquisitions department. The large room east of acquisitions becomes the Agricultural Reading Area.