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Ellis Old and New

There are nine pictures on ths page, scroll down to see them all.

Registration in Room 202

University Archives, Collection C1/141/6

This and the following pictures were all taken well after the 1936 construction, but they do give an idea of the way the rooms were used.  This picture shows students registering for class. The sign on the wall to the right says: Freshmen Sophomore Advisers. The view is looking toward the north.

West Wing 2nd floor Reading Room


University Archives, Collection C1/141/6

Here is another view of registration. I think the object on top of the book shelf is a fan.


Picture of General Reading Room after West Addition

University Archives, Collection C1/141/6

This picture was likely taken during registration. It shows the entrances from the General Reading Room to the West Reading room being blocked off by tables. What is more interesting is that a second door has been cut into the wall. Although it is not visible, I think it likely that another doorway was cut into the square panel on the other side of the original door.   

Another picture of General Reading Room after West Addition


University Archives, Collection C1/141/6  

Another picture taken at the same time.

Picture of the Delivery Room looking east

University Archives, Collection C1/141/6

This is a photograph of the Delivery Room, or Circulation Room, on the 2nd floor opposite the General Reading Room. I believe it is a view to the east because you can see the window at the end of the hall with light coming through, The is because the East Addition has not been erected yet. To the left is the entrance to the General Reading Room. An earlier picture does not show this partition, and we are not sure when it was erected. To the right is the desk where students would request books from the stacks.

Delivery Room then and now.

Close up of 203

University Archives, Collection C1/141/6  (enlarged)

This is an enlargment of the previous picture. On the left you will notice that a door separates this room from the Reading Room.  Beyond the doors marked In and Out is the staircase and in the distance is a window. This window will become a door to the East Wing when it is built in 1958.  To the left you can see a door between the catalog drawers. This made up part of the partition between the General Reading Room and the Delivery Room.  The doors have not been used for years, but we recently discovered them and refurbished them. 



University Archives, Collection C1/141/6 (enlarged)

This is an enlargement showing the showing the portraits on the wall. The one on the left might be A. Ross Hill, the ninth president of the University of Missouri. The one in the middle is Richard Henry Jesse, the eighth president of the University for whom Jesse Hall is named. His portrait is now in University Archives. The picture on the right is  John Hiram Lathrop the first and fifth president of the University. 

Study carrels in the stacks

University Archives, Collection C1/141/6

This is a view of a study carrel in the West Stacks.  We cannot be sure if the carrel was on the north or south wall, since both walls had windows at this time. The carrels were more open and inviting than they are today.  The carrels then and now.

 Ever good classicist will recognize the volumes on her shelf as part of the Loeb Classical Library, editions of Greek and Latin authors with original texts texts and facing English translations. 


Manuscript Room on 4th floor - north

University Archives, Collection C1/141/6

This photograph, labeled Old Manuscript (room) shows the northeast corner of the fourth floor where Special Collections is located today.  This part of the room has been walled off and is used for storing books.  The tables are the ones designed by the architect.

The manuscript room then and now.