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Ellis Old and New

Fourth floor -- west side

University Archives, Collection C: 1/83/15

Top is North.

Special Collections takes over the Manuscripts room on the northwest corner of the building (top left) and Western Historical Manuscripts moves into the room on the south were the Language Area had been. Special Collections divides the wall to provide a secure space its holdings. The rest of the rooms on 4 West are unchanged.

Fourth floor - east side

University Archives, Collection C: 1/83/15

The other side of the 4th floor becomes the Art and Archaeology Reading Area. Most of the study and seminar rooms still exist, but they are used for other purposes. Moving counterclockwise from the elevators. The U. of Missouri Storage Room is now the Disability Testing Room, Study Room 4F52 is the sorting room for the Shelving Department. Seminar 4F51 is used for instruction and as a meeting room. The study rooms along the south wall are used by the library as offices or storage. Room 4C51 was removed and became open study area. Room 4A51 is now the Classical Studies and Room 4A41 is used as a seminar room.  Recorded Sound takes up most of the northeast corner of the floor. The study rooms along the north wall were removed and turned into the Nook, quiet study space. Room 4D11 is used as an instruction lab. Room 4D12 houses computers and it part of the Nook. Room 4D21 is used by Special Collections to house materials.  The librarian offices to the right of the Men's Restroom have been removed, but you can still see the marks from the walls on the linoleum.