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Ellis Old and New

There are five pictures on ths page, scroll down to see them all.

View toward southwest

This is a view looking toward  the southwest. You can see Arts and Sciences through the windows. The plywood at the end of the room is to block off the west reference offices, which were being used,

View from atrium

This is a view from the atrium of the plywood walls blocking of the Commons. The door in the wall gave access to the west offices. 

View looking to southeast


View looking toward the southeast. The plywood wall separates the construction from the east reference offices which continued to be used during construction.

Dividers going up

The ceiling has been put up and the dividers are going up.

Frame for a "tree" going up

One of the 'trees' before the branches were attached. The semicircles will hold study tables. The south windows are in the background.