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Ellis Old and New

2nd Floor Plan

University Archives, Collection C: 1/83/15

The General Reading Room takes up most of the 2nd floor and is almost exactly the same as it was in 1915. The main difference is that the ornamentation on walls and ceiling were painted in 2003.   On the east side, where the elevators are now, there is a Consultation Room, presumably for research consultation. Right of the west stairs is a Seminary Room (what we would call a seminar room). This room is currently being turned into the new Data Research Center. South of the General Reading Room is the Delivery Room, what we would now call the circulation desk. This is where students requested books and where books were delivered to them. Part of this space is now a study area and part has become Room 213, the Electronic Classroom. The Connecting Stack which led to the Books Stacks is also now part of room 213. The Book Stacks at the top (south) of the plan are the 2 Central Stacks.