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Ellis Old and New

1936 West addition - West Elevation

University Archives, Collection C: 1/83/15

 The West Wing, built in 1936, matches the same style of limestone blocks used on the 1916 library and completely covers the old brick of the original building. On the ground floor there is an auditorium left of the door. The ground floor south (right) of the door housed technical services and cataloging.

On the first floor a reading room runs from north to south the entire length of the building.

On the second floor was a grander reading room. Its ceiling height almost matches that of the General Reading Room.  Unlike  the 1916 library, the West Wing has a floor above the reading room. This floor was referred to as the 3rd floor until the East Addition was built. From that time, it has been called the 4th floor. To get to this 4th floor, you go up half a flight of stairs from the 3rd floor cross hall.

This picture helps to show that the forth floor of the west is at the same height as the roof of the 1915 library.