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Ellis Old and New

There are nine pictures on ths page, scroll down to see them all.

West View

University Archives, Collection C:20/8/6

A view of the West Addition from 1937, shortly after was completed. The door in the middle is the entrance to Ellis Auditorium.  The sign above the door says "Library," just as it does on the north. 

West addition -- Exterior photograhs


University Archives, Collection C: 0/3/8

This is a view from the northeast and shows the full extent of the west wing. The picture was taken in the 1960s after the east wing (on the left) was put up. At that time Lowry Street still ran in front of the library. You can see how the West Wing is a floor taller than the 1916 library. The 4th floor of the West Wing is even with the roof of the 1916 library,

West Addition


University Archives, Collection C 1/141/6 

This is a view from the southeast of the old central stacks (in the foreground) and the new West Stacks which connect to them (to the left). In the far background is the West Wing. You can also see all the windows along the south side of the library as well as the wing that connected the library to the central stacks. The attractive oriel window is on the second floor.


View of south

University Archives, Collection C 1/141/6 

Another view looking from the south. This west wing is on the far left. Its facade matches the facade on the north end. Today this facade is still visible in the courtyard leading into the West Entrance. Right of the west wing are the west stacks. They have distinct architectural style that distinguishes them from the west wing. To the right of them are the old stacks. Each section of the building is easily distinguishable, but each joins harmoniously with the others.

West Aerial

University Archives, Collection C 1/81/1

This is a view from about 1953 showing the West Wing and West Stacks from above. Lowry Ave. to the north of the library, and Conley Ave. to the south still being used by cars. The structures to the east (right) of the library are probably dorms. After the Second World War there was a influx of students on the GI Bill and temporary dorms were erected throughout campus. Look closely and you see dorms south of Jesse Hall where there is now green space.

Aerial view looking west

University Archives, Collection C 1/40/1 

This was probably taken at the same time as the pictures above, but from a slightly different angle. The white chimney sticking up in the background is from the power plant close to Providence Road. At the time the picture was taken, the Stewart Road area (beyond the power plant) was mostly undeveloped.


University Archives, Collection C 1/40/1  (enlarged) 

This is a close up of the picture above. You can see the brick work on the east side of the 1916 building and make out the windows on the second and third floor that will be turned into doorways when the east addition is finally erected in 1958. The west side had the same facade and the windows there where turned into doors when the West Addition constructed. 

Postcard view of West Addition

University Archives, Collection C 0/46/7  

This is a postcard view of the West Wing from 1958.

West Addition in the snow






















University Archives, Collection C 22/8/3 

A good view of the West Wing. The pedestrian tunnel underneath 9th Street was filled in sometime in the 1990s.