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Ellis Old and New

View of Ellis looking from the north with Conley Ave and Kuhlmann court behind it

University Archives, Collection  UW: 4/81/4

This is a view of the library from the north before the South Addition in 1985.  Conley Ave, on the right, still runs behind the library and in front of the Arts and Science building.  South of the Arts and Science building at the top of the picture is Brady Commons which was incorporated into the Student Center. Behind the library is Kuhlman Court, a collection of houses, some used at faculty offices. East of Kuhlman court, on the left, is the Agriculture Building. 

View of Ellis looking from the south

University Archives, Collection C: 1/40/1  (enlarged)

This is view of Ellis from the south before the south addition was erected. In the foreground is a parking lot and Conley Ave, which runs from 9th Street to Hitt Street. The south addition of Ellis blocks the ground and first floor levels from view now, except for the far west part, (left in the picture) which forms a kind of courtyard for the current west entrance.