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Ellis Old and New

Third Floor -- west side

University Archives, Collection C: 1/83/15

North is top.

The room in the middle, which housed newspapers in 1955, has been converted into storage and a dark rooms. This area is now used by Special Collections to store materials, but the rooms are configured as you see them in this plan. To the left of the dark room the seminar room stays as it was.  

Third floor - east side

University Archives, Collection C: 1/83/15

Stacks and study areas for Philosophy and Religion, Geography, and History are located on this floor. The area in the northeast corner is still used as a map area.  The study rooms and seminar rooms around the border are all still there. The only offices that have been removed are the libarian offices left of the east stairs. The stairs on the west wall (left) are still there, but the door has been locked for decades.