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EndNote for Windows

Guide to setting up EndNote for Windows

Sync with EndNote Web

You can sync your EndNote with your EndNote Web account. This is especially beneficial if you do your research on multiple computers, or if you have a new machine and need to transfer libraries. By linking EndNote on your computer with your EndNote web account, you can sync between computers and/or between EndNote and EndNote Web, and your library will be the same on both computers.

There are many synching possibilities, but the basic instructions to synchronize your EndNote program with your EndNote Web account are: 

  1. Click Sync Status on the top left. Select Sync Now. 



  1. Log in with your university email address and the EndNote Web password you chose when setting up your EndNote Web account.

Note: Groups, including file attachments, will sync to Endnote Web. 

Note: The first time you synchronize Endnote and Endnote Web you will be asked if you want to create a compressed copy of your library as backup.  It is highly recommended that you do so, in case problems occur with the synchronization.

IF your library is extensive, it may take some time for the citations to load. 

For extra help, check out this video: