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EndNote for Windows

Guide to setting up EndNote for Windows

Adding Information by Hand/Manually

You can manually create a reference from scratch - copying or typing in all of the information yourself. You usually only need to do this for items and resources that you can’t find information about from someplace else. Some examples of items you might use this method for are emails, unpublished reports, or class lectures. 

Written Instructions: 

  1. In EndNote, open the “references” menu (along the top) and choose “New Reference.” Or click the “new reference” shortcut. (The keyboard shortcut Ctrl+N also works.) 
  2. Use the drop-down box at the top to set the type of reference you are creating. For example, your new reference might be a grant, unpublished report, etc. 
  3. Fill in as many fields as you wish to. Simply click a field and type in the information. For formatting tips, see below. 
  4. Save your new reference. (Ctrl+S or the “save” option in your “File” menu.) 
  5.  Close your reference to return to your library. (Ctrl+W or the “close reference” option in your “File” menu.) 

Formatting Tips

MAKE SURE you select format type for the citation you are creating.  If it is a book, make sure the book format is selected.

As a general rule, leave the formatting to EndNote and only worry about entering text. There are special rules, however, for some fields.


Try to enter whole names when possible, and if a reference has no author, leave the line blank. If an author is new to your EndNote library, their name will appear in red. Enter one author per line using any of the following formats:

Doe, John Alan (last, first) 
Doe, J A (spaces between initials) 
Doe, J.A. (periods after initials) 
John Doe (first last) 
J A Doe (spaces between initials) 
J.A. Doe (periods after initials) 

For corporate authors, place a comma at the end of their name

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,


Enter the title with interior punctuation only. Do not add a period at the end. Don’t press the enter key - just let long titles go on to the next line. Although EndNote can change capitalization, it is safest to capitalize the title how you would like it to appear. EndNote can automatically fix capitalization for you, with its “change case” button. (Just be sure to highlight the text you want to change the capitalization for, otherwise this button will be grayed out.)


Try to enter the whole year (e.g. 2010). Use a question mark (?) for unknown dates.


Type the month and day as you would like them to appear. EndNote does not reformat this field, although your citation style will determine whether it appears or not.


Add pages in any format such as 1037-1039, 1037-39 or 1037-9.