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EndNote for Windows

Guide to setting up EndNote for Windows

Ovid Databases - Medline

Ovid is a company that we buy many databases from. So MEDLINE and Zoological Record - these are both databases that we buy from the same company. That means you can add things to EndNote the same way. You can tell that a database is an Ovid database if it has the Ovid logo in the top left.

  1. Search normally.
  2. Check the check boxes to the left of the references you want to save.
  3. Click on Export (in the top center of the bar along the top of the results).
  4. Choose to export to EndNote.
  5. Under Select Fields to Display, choose Complete Reference. This will save the most information about the reference in your EndNote Library.
  6. Click "Export citations."
  7. Select "Open." Depending on your browser, this may look different, but you will want to choose to "open" with EndNote or with ResearchSoft Direct Export Helper. 
  8. Your results will open in EndNote and be saved in your EndNote library.

Mac Users: If you are having difficulties, use a browser other than Safari or try one of these methods