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EndNote for Windows

Guide to setting up EndNote for Windows


EndNote’s column headings are able to be sorted. Simply click on a heading for all of your references to be sorted (e.g. clicking on “year” will sort all of your references by year). You can also change the size of the headings.

You can change the order and type of the column headings displayed by EndNote by going to your “Edit” menu, choosing “preferences,” and choosing “display fields.”

Viewing and Editing a Reference Record


To view the complete information EndNote has saved for a reference, you can either

a) Double-click on the reference to view a full-screen page


b) Highlight a reference and look at the right of the screen. With this option, all of the same information will be displayed - it will just be displayed more compactly.



When viewing an item’s record, you may update or change any field in EndNote. It is all editable. Simply click in the field and make your changes, just like you would edit any text. 

Be sure to save any changes that you make. (You can save by: typing Ctrl+S; using the “save” option in EndNote’s “File” menu; or by closing the reference and saving when prompted to by EndNote.)

One notable field is the “Research Notes” field that you can use to enter your own searchable notes. This field can hold up to 16 pages of text.