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EndNote for Windows

Guide to setting up EndNote for Windows

Import PDFs if they have DOI numbers

With certain PDFs (ones with embedded DOI numbers), EndNote can import the PDF and automatically extract and save all information about the article (author, title, date, etc.).

This method will only work with certain PDFs that have DOI numbers. This will not work for all PDFs. Here is an example of a PDF with a DOI number:


  1. From EndNote’s “File” menu, choose “Import” and “File.” (If you have a folder of PDFs with DOI numbers, you can choose to import “folder.”)

  1. Click the “Choose” button to indicate the location the PDF is saved. (If you chose “folder” in step one, choose the entire folder.)

  1. Select the “PDF” import option from the Import Option list.

  1. Leave the Text Translation option blank (If the PDF is not displaying properly, you may need to change this. Some U.S. databases that contain extended characters require ANSI-Latin1 or UTF8. MARC format files may require ANSEL translation.)

  1. Click “Import” to import the file.

  1. EndNote will extract all the information from a PDF with a DOI encoded in the file. A PDF without a DOI number encoded in its file will have an incomplete reference created for it. (See the picture below for an example. The top reference was imported from a PDF without a DOI number. The bottom reference was imported from a PDF with a DOI number.) 



Designate a folder for PDFs that EndNote will scan and download

A new feature in EndNote x7 is the ability to have EndNote automatically monitor and import PDFs from a particular folder. Here is a video explaining that process.