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EndNote for Windows

Guide to setting up EndNote for Windows

Create a library


The first time you open EndNote, you may or may not see the screen on the right. If you do, select Create a new library. If you do not see this screen, select FILE, then NEW.

EndNote’s default location to save a library is in your “My Documents” folder (for Mac users, it is your Applications folder).

The EndNote teachers recommend that you create a new folder to put your EndNote library into. This separates the two files EndNote needs to operate from the rest of you documents and lessens the chance that you will delete one of them by mistake.

You can also save EndNote in a different location on your computer, but DO NOT  save your library to cloud storage (e.g. Dropbox, Sharepoint, Google Drive and iCloud, etc.). EndNote is not compatible with cloud storage, and your library may become corrupted. Also avoid sharing your library on a shared network as EndNote only alows one user to open a library, add, or edit records at one time

While it is possible to have multiple EndNote libraries, it is recommended that you only have only one EndNote library and that you organize your library by groups

Once you have created an EndNote library, we recommend to not move it or to read this first. To avoid accidentally deleting or corrupting your library, you can view this video with instructions on how to create a library with less likelihood of becoming corrupted.