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Folktales of Germany / Ranke

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AT numbers assigned to stories can come from the author of the collection or from Ashlimann's
 A Guide to Folktales in the English Language.

Anything not assigned an AT number has NA, for "not available" or "not assigned." 

Title AT
Animal Languages 670
Baron's Haughter Daughter 900
Bear, Fox and Man 157
Black Woodpecker 751A
Catching Hares in Winter 1891B*
Clever Elsie 1450
Cook Who Went Traveling 715
Cruel Stepmother 450
Damned Boys 1785B
Dead Creditor 822*
Devil and Our Lord 846
Devil and the Man 1157
Devil Duped 1130
Devil's Wife as Godmother NA
Doctor Know-All 1641
Dream 1738
Duped Giant NA
Enchanted Princess 307
Farmer's Clever Daughter 875
Feathers from the Bird Venus 461
Fox and the Hare in Winter 1*
Fox and the Wolf 9B
Frog and the Golden Key NA
Giant's Stone NA
Giant's Toy 701
Girl out of the Egg 408
Girl who Married the Devil 312
Girl without Hands 706
Gold-Rich King 516
Hare Herd 570
Hedgehog and the Hare 275A*
Helping to Lie 1920D
Hermit and the Devil 839
House Damsel NA
Household Spirit Brings Food NA
Household Spirit of Rotenbach NA
How the Devil Fetched the Mayor 821A
Innkeeper of Moscow 882
Lazy Woman 1405
Little Hen and Little Cock 15, 210
Magic Lamp NA
Man in the Moon NA
Mountain Hen and Fox 56, 122B*
Moving the Church 1326
Mrizala and Her Bridegroom, Death 407B
Old Women Sows Discord 1353
Origin of the Lake of Vitte NA
Ox as Mayor 1675
Parish Bull Eats the Grass from the Wall 1210
Peasant and His Three Sons 665
Peasant Pewit 1535
Peasant Sells a Cow as a Goat 1539, 1551
Peasant Tricks the Devil 1174
People from Schwarzenborn Dig a Well 1255
People from Schwarzenborn Hide a Bell 1278
People from Schwarzenborn Measure the Depth of the Well 1250
People from Schwarzenborn Protect Their Seed 1201
People from Schwarzenborn Sow Salt 1200
Pig in the Church 1838
Poor and the Rich 750A
Poor Brother's Treasure 834
Poor People Who Wanted to be Rich 1416
Prince Ferdinand 950
Quarrel about the Woods NA
Reward Drives the Familiar Spirits Away NA
Road to Hell 361, 756B
Six Brothers 451
Skinned Goat 212, 2015
Story about Our Lord Jesus Christ 752A
Straw, Bean, and Coal 295
Stretching the Bench 1244
Struggle Between the Wolf and the Fox 41, 104, 130
Swineherd Who Married a Princess 850
Tailor in Heaven 800
Tale of Frost and His Neighbors 563
Tale of the Faderawisch 311
Tale of the Little Sausage and the Little Mouse 85, 2022
Tale of the Silver, Golden, and Diamond Prince 530
Tale of the Youngest Brother and the Stupid Devil 1045, 1071, 1072, 1073, 1082
Thing on the Hedge NA
Three Brothers 300, 303, 304
Three Spinners 501
Three Traveling Artisans 360, 361, 812
Why the Dogs Sniff at Each Other 200A
Woman in the Chest 1536A
Wrong Song 1735A