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Folktales of Israel / Noy

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AT numbers assigned to stories can come from the author of the collection or from Ashlimann's
 A Guide to Folktales in the English Language.

Anything not assigned an AT number has NA, for "not available" or "not assigned." 

Tale AT
Abraham Our Father and Dogs 930
Bakalawa Story 1626
Beggar and His Ass 563, 751C*
Blessed Be God Day by Day 1736A
Blessings of a Hidden Saint NA
Blood Libel NA
Box with Bones 506, 507C
Brother's Love 950
Cat's Allotment NA
Charity Will Save from Death 1699
Clever Wife NA
Coffeemill, Tray, and Stick 563
Cunning of Sons of Israel NA
Deceived Girl and Stone of Suffering 894
Dispute in Sign Language 922, 924A
Drought in Mosul NA
Great Lie 852, 1920
He Who Gives Thanks to King and He Who Gives Thanks to Almighty 841
He Who Has Faith in God is Rewarded NA
How a Dove and a Snake Took Pity on Man 160
Hunter and King's Fair Daughter 513C
Joseph Righteous of Peki'in NA
Judge of Horses, Diamonds, and Men 655
King David's Tomb in Jerusalem NA
Kingdom of Lazy People NA
Landlord and His Son 837
Letter to Almighty 1692, 1693
Lion Who Walked in Garden 891B*
Man with Many Court Cases 1534
Miser and a Generous Man 613
Mountain of Sun 613
No Escape from Fate 934
One-Eyed Cadi 1675
Only Daughter of Noah Righteous NA
Passover Miracle 1529
Peasant Who Learned to Like Coffee NA
Porter Who Lost His Appetite 754, 1577*
Pupil Who Excelled His Master 325
Queen Who Was a Witch 449
Rambam and Bottle of Poison NA
Reward of a Midwife 476*
Rich Beggar and His Wonderful Purse 580*
Rich Miser and Shoemaker NA
Right Answer to Right Question 921
Seetling an Account with a Joker NA
Servant When He Reigns NA
Shopkeeper and Four Blind Beggars 1577*
Span of a Man's Life 173
Spendthrift Son 910D
Tailor and His Luck Locked Up 841, 947A
Tailor's and Lord's Work NA
Tale of a Jew Who Bridled Wind NA
Tall Tale of Merchant's Son 1920, 1960G
Ten Serpents 425, 425A
This Too Will Pass NA
Three Brothers 550
Till I Prove Who I am NA
Town That Had Faith in God 332, 1199
Two Husbands 1284, 1406
Two Madmen NA
Two She-Goats from Shebreshin NA
Wayfarer and His Ass 1842
What Melody is Sweetest? 875, 922
What Was Servant Thinking Of? NA
When Wheel of Fortune Turns 947A
Where is Jar? 1284
Who Cured Princess? 653A
Who Is Blessed with Realm, Riches, and Honor? 155, 923B
With God's Will All is Possible 930
Years Are as Days 1588**