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Arab Folktales / Inea Bushnaq

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AT numbers assigned to stories can come from the author of the collection or from Ashlimann's A Guide to Folktales in the English Language.
Anything not assigned an AT number has NA, for "not available" or "not assigned." 


Title AT
Abu Nuwas and the Fur Cloak 1420E
Abu Nuwas and the Hundred Eggs 921D*
Abu Nuwas and theCaliph's Queen 1375
Abu Nuwas Travels with the Caliph 1007
Angel Wedding 225A
Atiyah, the Gift of God NA
Bahlul and the Owl 1642, 1381B
Bahlul and the Sweetmeats 1339
Bald Man at the Funeral 506
Beduin's Gazelle NA
Ben Sikran Improves the Couscous 1544
Ben Sikran's Hunger NA
Bird of the Golden Feather 550
Bones of Father Adam 779
Boy in Girl's Dress NA
Boy Magician 325
Boy Who Hear the Dew When it Fell 1000
Camel Husband 430
Cat Who Went to Mecca 113B
Chain of Truth NA
Clever Minister's Daughter 875
Cure NA
Division of the Prey 51
Djuha and the Basket of Fig 1689
Djuha and the Donkey 921D*
Djuha and the Hunter's Gift 921D*
Djuha and the Tough Chicken 921D*
Djuha Borrows a Pot 1592B
Djuha Fries Quails 921D*
Djuha in His Old Age 921D*
Djuha's Meat Disappears 1373
Djuha's Sleeve 1558
Don't Count Your Chickens 1430
Duty of the Host NA
Fair Foster Child of the Ghoul 405A*
Father of a Hundred Tricks 33* , 105*
Father of a Hundred Tricks 56C
Father of Seven Sons NA
Father's Advice 911*
Flowers That Vanished in the Night 301A
Foreign Wife NA
Four Men and One Miracle 945
Full-Moon-of the-Night NA
Girl Outwits Three Men 883A
Girl Who Banished Seven Youths 451
Girl Who Spoke Jasmines and Lillies 403
God Disposes 947A
God Will Provide 1645B*
Good Apprentice and Bad 613
Good Neighbors NA
Gown in the Bathhouse 1406, 1739
Gown in the Bathhouse 1419B
Green Bird 720
Guest Who Ran Away 1741
Hospitality of Abu L'Hssein 60
How Moses Died NA
How Si'Djeha Staved Off Hunger 2040
How the Animals Kept the Lions Away 130
How the Ewe Outwitted the Jackal 154
How the Fox Got Back His Tail 2034
How the Monkey Got His Shape NA
Idle Ahmad 1641
If God Wills 830C
Iron Pestle and the Girl with the Donkey's Head 313, 400
Jewel in the Sand NA
Jubeinah and the Slave 533
Judgement of the Qadi 1534
Just Deserts 1533, 1663
Justice 926C
King of Birds 222
King Who Changed His Way 926C
Knotter of Tails 64
Last Camel of Emir Hamid NA
Lion the Color of Yellow Silk 1359


Little Mangy One 122E
Little Red Fish and the Clog of Gold 510A
Lost Shoe of Gold 894
Lot and the Devil 756
Maiden of the Tree of Raranj and Taranj 408
Monkey Learns to Weave NA
Nightingale That Shrieked 707, 2029
Old Woman and the Devil NA
One-Tooth and Two-Teeth 877
Pious Cat 122B*
Price of Pride NA
Prince in the Pit NA
Princess in the Suit of Leather 510B
Protection of the Prophet Hanun NA
Ring of the King of the Djinn 560
Rose in the Chest 873*
Scarab Beetle's Daughter NA
Seven Cauldrons Bubbling 311
Seven Magic Hairs 531
She Who Understood Best 1698
Sheikh of the Lamps 405A*
Si'Djeha and the Qadi's Coat 929
Si'Djeha Cheats the Robbers 1539
Si'Djeha's Miracles 1535
Simple Wife 1541
Successor to the Sheikh NA
Suleyman and the Little Owl 670
Sultan's Camp Follower 745A , 875B, 891
Tale Within a Tale 405, 518, 871A, 910B
Talking Turkeys 1750
Tall Tale 2014
Tests of Friendship 893
The Truth 921D*
Three Mohammads 655
Tortoise and His Frog Wife NA
Treachery of Man 160
Trip to Paradise NA
Two Close Calls 126
Two Mothers Mourning NA
Virgin Mary and the Goats 750****
Virgin Mary and the Plowmen 752
We Two Against Fortune 911*
Weaver's Dream 725
What God Wrote Cannot be Unwritten 930
What Is Inscribed on the Brow the Eye Will See 930
When Ben Sikran Owed Money 1525
When One Man Has Two Wives 1215A
When Twice as Many is Half the Trouble 1365
Who Has the Sweetest Flesh on Earth? NA
Who Lied? NA
Wise Man and Bahlul 924B
Woman Called Rice Pudding 1384, 1540
Woman Whose Husband Went to Mecca 1362
Women's Wiles 875
Woodcutter without a Brain 91
Woodcutter's Wealthy Sister 327