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Folktales of Egypt / El-Shamy

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AT numbers assigned to stories can come from the author of the collection or from Ashlimann's
 A Guide to Folktales in the English Language.

Anything not assigned an AT number has NA, for "not available" or "not assigned." 

Title AT
An Arch-Saint's Attempt to Punish Sinners NA
Beast that Took a Wife 433A
Betrayal NA
Biyera Well 136A*
Black Crow and the White Cheese 300, 590
Blow for Blow NA
Body Scrub 1447*
Changeling NA
Coerced Confession NA
Contract with Azreal 332
El-Muzayyara NA
Foreigner and Citizen NA
Goha and the Pair of Calf Legs NA
Goha on the Death Bed NA
Golden Signature NA
Grateful Fish 505, 681
Grave That Wouldn't Dig NA
High Bridge NA
How el-Khidr gained Immortality NA
How the Cat Died NA
I've Seen it with My Own Eyes, Nobody Told Me 947
Imamu, Aali and Aantar NA
Instant Virginity NA
It Serves Me Right! 470, 801
Judge and the Baker 1534
Killer of Ninety-Nine 756C
Left or Right NA
Letter to the "Justice of Legislation" NA
Little, Little Woman NA
Liver of the Wise and Liver of the Foolish 50
Louliyya, Daughter of Morgan 310, 313
Magic Filly 314
Man Who Didn't Perform His Prayers 809*
Man Who Put His Mother over His Shoulder and Rode his Father 851
Mari Girgis and the Beast 300
Mountain That Moved NA
New Car NA
Once There Were Three 2335
One Sesame Seed 465, 1930
Partnership Between Wolf and Mouse 1030, 1074
Possessed Husband and his Zar NA
Problem of Documentation NA
Promises of the Three Sisters 707
Quick Ass 1682*
Reason to Beat Your Wife NA
Royal Candlestick NA
Scissors! 1365B
Sidi 'Aabdul-Rahman 780C, 960
Son-of-Adam and the Crocodile 155
Son-of-Adam and the Lion 157
Sparrow 170A
Stingy and Naggy 1654
Stone in Bed NA
Sultan Hasan 938B
The Maghrabi's Apprentice 325
The New or the Old 1563
The Noble and the Vile 613
The Only Murder in Girshah NA
Thigh of the Duck NA
Three Robbers and el-Khidr 750D
Trip to "Wag-el-Wag" 300, 302, 303A
Twelfth Month NA
When Azreal Laughed, Cried, and Felt Fear NA
When the Arch-Saints Exchanged Jobs 774D
Which Muhammad? 655, 655A
Who is the Laziest? 1950
Why the Copts were Called "Blue Bone" NA
Why the Kite Always Attacks the Crow NA
Why the Turks were Called "Turk" NA
Why There is a "Saint the Forty" in Every Town NA