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African American folktales : stories from Black traditions in the New World / selected and edited by Roger D. Abrahams

You will have to set up a free account at the Internet Archive if you want to read more than a few pages. 
AT numbers assigned to stories can come from the author of the collection or from Ashlimann's A Guide to Folktales in the English Language.
Anything not assigned an AT number has NA, for "not available" or "not assigned." 

Knee-High Man Tries to Get Sizable NA
Latest Song NA
Licence to Steal 122Z
Lion in the Well 20, 92
Little Bird Grows NA
Little Boy-Bear Nurses the Alligator Children 37
Little Eight John NA
Loggerhead NA
Making a Wagon from a Wheelbarrow NA
Making the Eyes Run NA
Making the Stone Smoke NA
Man Makes and Woman Takes NA
Meeting the King of the World NA
Mr. Bamancoo Gets Dropped NA
Mr. Possum Loves Peace NA
My Mother Killed Me, My Father Ate Me 720
Never Seen His Equal NA
No Chicken Tonight 122
No Justice on Earth 846
Old Bull and the Young One NA
Old Granny Grinny Granny NA
One-Legged Turkey NA
Own Never Sleeps at Night NA
Philanewyork NA
Pig's Long Nose and Greedy Mouth NA
Poor Man and the Snake NA
Poppa Stole the Deacon's Bull NA
Race between Toad and Donkey 275A*
Rooster Goes Away in a Huff NA
Signifying Monkey 59
Singing Bones 780
Sinking of the Titanic NA
Smoking Story NA
Spreading Fingers for Friendship NA
Stackolee NA
Strange Way to Sleep NA
Tadpole Loses His Tail NA
Telltale Pepper Bush 750B
Testing the Good Lord NA
The Trouble with Helping Out 155
They Both had Dead Horses NA
Things That Talked 1705
Three Killed Florrie, Florrie Killed Ten 851, 923
Tiger Becomes a Riding Horse 4, 72
Tricking All the Kings 73, 175
Trouble Coming Down the Road 73, 157
Trying to Get the Goldstone NA
Tug-of-War between Elephant and Whale NA
Turning into Nouna - Nothing NA
Weak in the Day and Strong at Night NA
What Makes Brer Wasp Have a Short Patience NA
Why Hens are Afraid of Owls NA
Why They Name the Stories for Anansi NA
Wind and the Water Fighting NA
Woman Who Was a Bird NA
Word the Devil Made Up NA
You Never Know What Trouble Is until It Finds You NA
You Talk Too Much, Anyhow NA