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Folktales of France / Massingnon

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AT numbers assigned to stories can come from the author of the collection or from Ashlimann's
 A Guide to Folktales in the English Language.

Anything not assigned an AT number has NA, for "not available" or "not assigned." 

Tale AT
Cinderella 510A
Coué or Couette NA
Fanfinette and the King ' s Son 879
Fanfinette and the King ' s Son 883B
Gold Feather 531
Golden Hair , or The Little Frog 402
Golden Hair, or The Little Frog 310
Half Chicken 715
He Who Speaks First 1351
in Boiling Water NA
Jean and Jeannette 327
Jean of Bordeaux 307
John of Calais 506
Little Fourteen , or As Strong as Fourteen 650A
Little Hen 2032
Magic Napkin 563
March and April 1000
Old Fench 516
Princess Elisa 329
Puss in Boots 545B
Souillon 915B
The Bear and the Beetle , or The War of the Animals 222
The Beast 425
The Black Hen NA
The Black One , the White One , and the Plucked One 2300
The Boy Whose Mother Wanted to Throw Him In Boiling Water 314
The Brother Who Was a Lamb 450
The Charcoal Burner 159A
The Child Promised to the Devil 810
The Comte de Mes Comtes 621, 900
The Devil ' s Boot 1130
The Devil and His Three Daughters 313
The Devil and the Good Lord 1030, 1097
The Fearless Shoemaker NA
The Four Friends 130
The Fox and the Blackbird 56
The Girl and the Thief 956B
The Goat , the Kids , and the Wolf 123
The Goat Who Lied 123, 212
The Gold Ball 425
The Iron Pot 400
The Laurel Flower 780
The Legend of the Oxen ' s Pass NA
The Little Devil of the Forest 500
The Little Elves of La Chausse-en-l ' Air NA
The Little Lad Who Became a Bishop 671
The Master and the Tenant Farmer 852
The Ogre 451
The Orange Tree 313
The Pea 555
The Piece of Cloth 402
The Priest ' s Pig 1735A
The Rat and the She Rat 2022
The Scalded Wolf 121, 152A*, 1875
The Seven - Headed Monster 300
The She Donkey' s Skin 510B
The Shepherd and the Snake 670
The Sleeping Beauty 410
The Tailor 1640
The Tale of Jean-le-Sot NA
The Tale of La Ramée 559
The Three Deserters 566
The Three Gold Hairs from the Devil 461
The Three Innocents 1450
The Two Brothers , or The Fox , the Wolf , and the Lion 613
The Wolf and the Fox 1, 2, 15, 41
The Wolf and the Fox in the Well 32, 34
The Wolf and the Soldier 157
The Woman with Her Hands Cut Off 706
Tom Thumb 700
Ugly Yann 675
Yann the Fearless 326