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Linked Tales

Norwegian Folk Tales / Asbjornsen

You will have to set up a free account at the Internet Archive if you want to read more than a few pages. 
AT numbers assigned to stories can come from the author of the collection or from Ashlimann's
 A Guide to Folktales in the English Language.

Anything not assigned an AT number has NA, for "not available" or "not assigned." 

Folktales of Norway / Christiansen

Folktales of Norway / Reidar Christiansen

This link above goes to a copy of this book in the Internet Archive. 
The links below go to individual stories in this book. 
You will have to set up a free account if you want to read more than a few pages. 

Horse that carried the corpses across the Mountains NA
Hulder Calls the Dairymaids NA
Huldre-Folk Tell the Date NA
Human Soul Out Wandering as a Fly NA
Human Soul Out Wandering as a Mouse NA
Inexperienced Use of the Black Book 1174
Interrupted Huldre Wedding at Melbustad NA
Interrupted Huldre Wedding at Norstuhov NA
Jostedal Grouse NA
Jutul and Johannes Blessom NA
King Olav and the Gyger NA
King Olav, Master Builder of Trondheim Cathedral 500
King Olav, Master Building of Seljord Church 500
King Olav, the National Saint NA
Little Lucy Goosey Girl 870A
Living with the Huldre-Folk at Aanstad NA
Living with the Huldre-Folk in a Knoll NA
Making the Devil Carry the Cart NA
Married to a Hulder NA
Mastermind 313
Message from the Huldre-folk that Someone Died NA
Midnight Mass of the Dead NA
Midwife to the Huldre-Folk at Ekeberg NA
Midwife to the Huldre-Folk at Nore NA
Mop Head 711
New Breeches NA
Nisse Fighting NA
Nisse's Revenge NA
Old Troll and the Handshake 726
One Who is Loved by Womankind Will Never Find Himself in Need 580
Origin of the Huldre-Folk: the Hidden Children of Eve NA
Origin of the Huldre-Folk: the Huldre Minister NA
Oskorei Fear the Cross NA
Outrunning a Hulder NA
Outwitting the Huldre Suitor with Gun Fire NA
Outwitting the Huldre Suitor with Magic Herbs NA
Over the Cliff NA
Plague as an Old Had is Ferried across a river NA
Prospects of the Huldre-Folk for Salvation NA
Removing a buidling to suit those under the ground NA
Sea Horse and the Sea Serpent NA
Sea Serpent in Lake Mjosen NA
Seven Foals 471
Shapeshifting at Harvest Time NA
Shapeshifting in Faarland NA
Sickly Changeling NA
Some Wives are that Way 1384
Stupid Men and Shrewish Wives 1406
Svein Unafraid 500
Svein Unafraid 810
The Man Who Became Huldrin NA
Three Princesses in Whittenland 400
Trolls Resent a Disturbance NA
Tufte-Fol on Sandflesa NA
Tunkall NA
Urdebo Rockfall NA
Witches' Sabbath NA
Witch's Daughter NA
Woman helps a Hulder NA