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Folktales of Ireland / O'Suilleabhain

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AT numbers assigned to stories can come from the author of the collection or from Ashlimann's
 A Guide to Folktales in the English Language.

Anything not assigned an AT number has NA, for "not available" or "not assigned." 

Title AT
Art, King of Leinster NA
Big Cat and the Big Rat NA
Black Art NA
Blacksmith and the Horseman NA
Boy Who Became Pope NA
Cat and the Dog 200D*
Ceatach NA
Child from the Sea NA
Children of the Dead Woman NA
Cold May Night 1927
Coming of Oscar NA
Cow that Ate the Piper 1281A
Cromwell and the Friar NA
Cuchulainn and the Smith's Wife 1376A*
Damer's Gold 1305A
Daniel O'Connell and the Trickster NA
Doctor Lee and Little Aran NA
Fairy Frog 476*
Fairy Money 580*
Fairy Wife NA
Fionn in Search of His Youth NA
Four-leafed Shamrock and the Cock NA
Fox and the Eagle NA
Fox and the Heron 9, 15, 232C*
Fox in Inishkea 1, 33**
Friar on Errigal 756B
Girl and the Sailor NA
Grateful Weasel NA
Great Liar 852
Heather Beer NA
Hour of Death NA
How God's Wheel Turns 759**
King Who Could Not Sleep 2412D
Magpie and the Fox NA
Man Who Had No Sorry 2412B
Man Who Lost His Shadow NA
Man Who Struck His Father NA
Man Who Swallowed the Mouse 285B*
Man Who Was Rescued from Hell 425J
March Cock and the Coffin NA
O'Connell Wears His Hat in Parliament NA
Old Crow Teaches the Young Crow NA
Queen of the Planets 461, 947B*
Sailor and the Rat NA
Sean na Banoige 726*
Sean na Scuab 1284, 1383
Sean Palmer's Voyage to America with the Fairies NA
Secret Tokens Prove Ownership 1532A
Smell of Money for the Smell of Food NA
Sow and Her Banbh 106
Speckled Bull 425, 707
Three Laughs of the Leipreachan 670
Two Women or Twelve Men 72*
Uglier Foot 1559B*
Young Conall of Howth NA


Glassie Irish Folktales



Tale AT
Actual Saint 759B
Air is Full of Them NA
Banshee Cries for the Boyles NA
Banshee Cries for the O'Briens NA
Baptism of Connor MacNessa NA
Bath of the White Cows NA
Battle of the Ford of Biscuits NA
Best Road to Heaven NA
Biddy Early NA
Big Potato NA
Birth of Finn MacCumhail 1137
Black Art NA
Black Francis NA
Blacksmith of Bedlam and the Fairy Host NA
Blood of Adam NA
Breaking of the Forth NA
Bridget and the Lurikeen NA
Buideach, the Tinker, and the Black Donkey 531, 580*
Capture of Bridget Purcell NA
Castle's Treasure NA
Cats are Queer Articles 113A
Cat's Judgement NA
Clock Token NA
Coals on the Devil' Hearth 1187
Coffin NA
Columcille's Coffin NA
Corpse Watchers 480
Cromwell NA
Cromwell's Bible NA
Crookened Back NA
Daniel Crowley and the Ghosts NA
Daniel O'Connell NA
Doom NA
Dreams of Gold 1645
Experience of the Banshee NA
Fair, Brown, and Trembling 403, 510A
Fairies Ride from Gordonaghy to Drumane NA
Fairy Forths NA
Fairy Property NA
Fairy Rabbit and the Blessed Earth of Tory NA
Fairy Shilling 580*
Fairy Tales NA
Famer's Answers 922
Famine NA
Feet Water NA
First Mirror NA
Fox and the Ranger 67**
George Armstrong's Return NA
Ghosts Along the Arney NA
Gortdonaghy Forth NA
Grandfather's Ghost NA
Grave of his Fathers NA
Half a Blanket NA
Hare and Hound NA
Hell and Heaven NA
High King of Lochlann and the Fenians of Erin NA
Horse's Last Drunk 1911A
How the Shoemaker Saved His Wife NA
Huddon and Duddon and Donald O'Leary 1535


Huddon and Duddon and Donald O'Leary 1535
Hungry Hired Boy NA
Inishkeen's on Fire 504
Jack and Bill 300, 304
Jack and the Cluricaune NA
James Murry and Saint Martin NA
John Brodison and the Policeman 1529
Jonathan Swift, Dean of St. Patrick's Cathedral NA
King of Ireland's Son 329, 513A
Lanty's New House NA
Lawyer and the Devil 1187
Light Tokens the Death of Mr. Corrigan NA
Magical Theft NA
Man from Kilmacoliver NA
Man Who Had No Story NA
Many a One Saw What We Saw NA
Maurice Griffin the Fairy Doctor NA
Medical Expert from Lisnaskea 660
Mountain Elf NA
Mule 329, 531
Never Ask a Cat a Question NA
No Man Goes Beyond His Day NA
Old Thorns and Old Priests NA
Old Times in Ireland NA
One Queer Experience NA
Owen Roe O'Sullivan NA
Patrick Sarsfield NA
Paudyeen O'Kelly and the Weasel NA
Pig on the Road from Gort NA
Pious Man 1848*
Priest and Farming Men NA
Right Cure NA
Robert Burns NA
Robin's Escape 1641
Ruined by Poetry NA
Saint Brigit NA
Saint Columcille NA
Saint Finbar NA
Saint Kevin NA
Saint Patrick NA
Saint Patrick and Crom Dubh NA
Saint Patrick on Inishmore NA
Sarsfield Surrenders and Rory Takes to the Hills NA
Saved by the Priest NA
Shadow of the the glen 1350
Shan Bernagh NA
Sleepy Pendoodle NA
Soldier in the Haunted House 326A*
Swine of the Gods NA
Taken NA
Terrible Ghost NA
Terry the Grunter NA
Thomas Moore and the Tramp NA
Three Questions 922
Three Wishes 330
Tom Moore and the Seal Woman NA
Usheen's Reture to Ireland 470*
Victory in the Time of Famine 832
We Had one of them in the house of a while 113A
Wicklow in the Rising of 1798 NA
Widow's Son 300, 1640
Willie Brennan NA
Willy the Wisp 330
Wolf's Prophecy NA