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Government Documents Policy and Procedure Guide: Home

General Information

Free Publications Rack

The Government Documents Department maintains the free rack of publications,  just off the colonnade.

  • FDLP booklets on the legislative process, FDSys, Ben's Guide to Government and other flyers can be ordered through FDLP promotional materials site. You can also get there from the FDLP Desktop/Outreach/Promotional Resources/Order Promo Materials.
  • Missouri maps from the MO Dept of Transportation – just send an email from their site. Mention in the comments section that you would like to receive 50 (or 100) maps for distribution. 
  • Missouri Conservationist magazine – they currently send about ten each month on my subscription.
  • Columbia Visitor's Guide and Map of Columbia. Call the Columbia Visitor's Bureau to request copies. Pick them up at their office, 300 South Providence Road, Columbia, MO 65203, 875-1231.

Government Documents Letterhead

If you need to print out a letter with the Government Documents heading, use a Word template. The location is q:\GovDocs\Administration\

Government Documents Wiki

Gov Docs Share on the Q:\ drive

Shared files are located in Q:\GovDocs. There are separate folders for student workers and a Shared Files folder. The Administration folder contains documents referred to in this LibGuide. Library Technical Services can grant permission to access this folder.

Sorting Mail

Mail usually arrives early afternoon. There are in-boxes on the metal cabinet for Sandy Schiefer and Marie Concannon. If something is addressed to Geoffrey Swindells, put it in Marie's mailbox. We sometimes receive mail for Cindy Cotner; she is in the East Reference area. Shipping lists go in the shipping list box. Docs to be shelved are placed in the temporary shelving area. Microfiche goes in the Unordered Microfiche box.

Printer Cartridges

If the printer cartridge is running low, contact the Financial Assistant in the Administative Office, Ellis 104. Provide the model of the printer. The current one (6/2017) is an HP Laserjet 2300n, cartridge 10A (or Q2610A).