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Government Documents Policy and Procedure Guide: Misc

WPA Database Location

We received this historic collection as a gift from the State Historical Society about 10 years ago.  It is a set of about 1,600 volumes.  It was in boxes in Room 28 during most of that time.  I’ve had it unpacked and inventoried with the purpose of reviewing its suitability for digitization.  If anybody would like a copy of the Excel file showing each volume, let me know and I’ll send it out to you.    I have met with the Digital Initiatives Committee.   There are still some open questions, such as how much of this Google is planning to do.   We are still in the information-gathering stage.  It has been added to the FDLP Registry of Digitization projects with the “In planning” stage indicated. 

Tax Information

Income Taxes

The University of Missouri Extension office offers free tax preparation assistance from January to mid-April each year. The service is for students and families with incomes less than $50,000. Tax forms are provided in the library, and we also display brochures for this assistance. Contact Andrew Zumwalt ( to receive copies of the flyers. He usually sends a pdf, so we then print out copies for the tax form table.

Marie receives the forms directly from the IRS. They are displayed on a table near the atrium.

The Income Tax Information web page must be updated each January.

Tax Assistance Program – how to train and volunteer

Sources for Education

Obtaining Free Publications for the Rack