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Government Documents Policy and Procedure Guide: FDLP

Federal Depository Library Program

About the Federal Depository Library Program

Legal Requirements and Program Regulations of the Federal Depository Library Program

  • Part I: An Authority Statement prefaces the document and explains the basis for the content.
  • Part II: The Legal Requirements provides a concise summary of the legal requirements found in Title 44 U.S.C. 1901-1916 (2010).
  • Part III: The FDLP Program Regulations lists the Superintendent of Documents' most current FDLP regulations that govern the FDLP member libraries.

FDLP Desktop

The FDLP Desktop serves as a centralized resource for the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP), which disseminates U.S. Government information to the American public through libraries across the nation. Stay up-to-date with the latest innovations and progress of the Program and utilize various tools in order to enhance public services.

Federal Depository Library Directory

Shipping Lists

Shipping lists are a list of publications that are mailed to libraries in their depository distribution boxes. Several shipping lists may be found in a depository shipment box. In addition to the paper copies that arrive in depository shipment boxes, electronic versions of shipping lists are posted online.

List of Classes (386 page PDF)

National Needs and Offers List

Missouri FDLP Exchange List Service

Needs and Offers (N&O) is what libraries use to ensure proper procedures are being followed for the disposition or withdrawal of depository publications from library collections. The list facilitates "offers", or the offering out of publications that are no longer needed in depository collections. It also provides a place for libraries that are seeking "needs", or needed publications from the FDLP community. Libraries may claim publications that they see being offered out, and alternatively may fulfill another library's "need" if applicable withdrawal rules are followed. Libraries use N&O to develop their depository collections as well as to ensure the appropriateness of the collections for their library user needs.

Essential Titles List

While an online format is now the primary method of making publications available to Federal depository libraries, there are specific titles that are to remain available for selection in paper format. These titles contain critical information about the U.S. Government or are important reference publications for libraries and the public, and their availability for selection in paper format has been deemed essential for the purposes of the FDLP. These titles are compiled under Essential Titles for Public Use in Paper or Other Tangible Format, also known simply as the Essential Titles List.

Substituting Electronic for Tangible Versions of Depository Publications by Selectives

WebTech Notes

Documents Data Miner 2 (DDM2)

A library management system for United States Government Documents.

Regional Responsibilities

  • Organize Statewide Annual Docs conference
  • Contact new depository librarians in the state to provide guidance and training, and communicate expectations
  • Communicate major and important changes in the program to Missouri selectives
  • Answer questions from selectives
  • Troubleshoot access problems that arise, especially concerning getting regional docs to selectives when they need them
  • Work to get selectives to share in cooperative arrangements that will help the Regional
  • Maintain the statewide “needs list” on the web
  • Fill gaps in our historic collection by processing Missouri exchange lists, checking nationwide lists and expanding our own needs list
  • Help selectives in Missouri deliver their unwanted documents to other libraries in Missouri by coordinating statewide needs and offers
  • Fill out surveys issued by GPO (at least biennially, sometimes more often)
  • Visit selectives that are struggling or may be out of compliance with the program
  • Keep Regional website and all of its sub-pages up to date
  • In accordance with a GPO request, adjust the state rules so that selectives who which to discard find the process as easy as possible.
  • Manage the MODOC-L listserv, make sure recipient list includes all depository coordinators.