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Government Documents Policy and Procedure Guide: Reference

Government Documents Reference Books


Indexing Aids for Federal Government materials not found in the UM LIBRARIES CATALOG


ASI (American Statistical Index)

Internet           Statistical Universe                   

Print                ASI Index (1973-                              

MF                  ASI Fiche Collection (1979 Suppl. –

            ASI can be considered as a master guide and index to all the statistical publications of the U.S. Government. It includes all Federal publications that contain primary data of research value or secondary data collected on a special subject, and also special studies and analyses or other statistics related-materials. All types of publications are covered (periodicals, reports, report series, annual reports etc.)

Declassified Documents

Print                Declassified Documents Catalog (1975-1997)

CD-ROM        Declassified Documents Reference System

            The System indexes nearly 77,000 declassified documents from the CIA, Department of State, National Security Council, Department of Defense, FBI and other government departments and agencies. These declassified documents include telegrams, correspondence, field reports, minutes of cabinet meetings, national security policy statements etc.  Full text is available on microfiche.

Depository items

Internet           GPO Access                              

CD-ROM        Marcive                                               MU Ellis Doc Ref CD-ROMs

Print                Monthly Catalog                                 MU Ellis Doc LC Ref Z1223 .A18

            As a regional depository library, Ellis Library receives approximately 100% of materials printed by the Government Printing Office (GPO) since 1986. The Government documents stacks house most of these depository items. However a portion of these materials can also be found at MU Geology Library, MU Medical Library and MU Vet-Med Library. Ellis Library has been a partial depository since 1861, receiving about 80% of GPO items.

NRC NuDocs Collection (Nuclear Regulatory Commission)

            Microfiche copies of all public papers from the NRC.

Readex Microprint U.S. Govt. publications

                (Depository: MicroCard 1956-1980; Microfiche 1993-

             Non-depository: MicroCard 1953-1980; Microfiche 1953-1980)

Internet           GPO Access                              

Print                Monthly Catalog

CD                  Marcive

                Full text documents of items published by the GPO, available in microcard or

microfiche format.

Serial Set

Print                CIS U.S. Serial Set Index 1789-1969

MF                  CIS U.S. Serial Set on Microfiche

            The U.S. Serial Set is a retrospective tool that compasses 330,000+ publications issued over 180 years. It has very extensive wide range of materials such as Congressional journals, administrative reports, directories, manuals, Congressional reports, reports from Federal executive agencies, extended series of survey, research and statistical publications by executive agencies, selected reports of non-government agencies. Access is provided by subjects and key words, private legislation affecting persons/organizations, numerical lists of report and document numbers, and a schedule of serial volumes.

Spent Nuclear Fuel Microfiche

U.S. Congressional Committee Hearings-House & Senate

Internet           THOMAS (>1991, 102-1)        

                        Congressional Universe (1970-  )

Print                CIS U.S. Congressional Committee Hearings Index

MF                  U.S. Congressional Committee Hearings on Microfiche Full Collection

            This eight-part Index covers published hearings from the early 1800s through 1969, encompassing 30,000+ publications. Each Index Part includes 4 sections. The “Reference Bibliography” section provides full bibliographic information, annotations, microfiche notes, issuing committee and subcommittee, bill numbers and witness names and affiliations. Access is also provided by subjects and organizations, personal names, titles, bill numbers, SuDoc class numbers, and report/document number.

U.S. Congress Committee Prints-House, Senate, & Joint (21st – 91st Congress 1829-1970)

Internet           THOMAS (>1991, 101-2) (ck)

                        Congressional Universe (1970-  )

Print                CIS Congressional Committee Prints Index From the Earliest Publications through 1969

MF                  U.S. Congressional Committee Prints on Microfiche

                This 5-volume Index covers about 15,000 titles issued from the mid-1800s through 1969. Contents of these committee prints include: monographic studies on topics of public concern, investigative reports, bill analyses, confidential staff reports and memoranda, directories, departmental reports on legislation or policy, statistics compilations, hearings publications, drafts of bills and reports.  There are 3 sections to this Index: Reference Bibliography (2 vols); Index By Subjects and Names (2 vols); and Finding Aids (1 vol.) – Index by Title, Index by Congress and Committee, Index by Bill Numbers, and Index by SuDoc Numbers.

U.S. Congress House & Senate Microfiche (86th – 105th Congress)

Internet           Congressional Universe (1970-  )

Print                Finding Aids in Gov-Doc Microfiche Room

            Microfiche copies of Congressional Bills, Resolutions, and Amendments.


U.S. Dept. of Energy Microfiche Collection


            Scientific and technical papers and reports put out by the DOE, its laboratories, and contractors. It consists of the Nuclear Science Abstracts 1948-1976 and the Energy Research Abstracts 1977-1985,


Unpublished U.S. Senate Committee Hearings (18th-88th Congress 1823-1964)

Print                CIS Index to Unpublished U.S. Senate Committee Hearings 18th -88th Congress, 1823-1964        

                U.S. Senate Committee hearings transcripts that are never printed nor published.


Unpublished U.S. House of Representatives Committee Hearings (1959-1964)

Print                CIS Index to Unpublished U.S. House of Representatives Committee Hearings 1959-1964          



Monthly Catalog


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