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Government Documents Policy and Procedure Guide: Cataloging

Cataloging Issues

Missing labels/labels fallen off: These items are to be placed on the shelf in Gov Docs. 

Duplicates: If you find an item with a duplicate, be sure to compare the items carefully to make sure they are exactly the same. Place both copies on the shelf in Gov Docs.

Miscataloged items:

   Odd call number

   The number does not match the one on the barcode

   Two different documents with the same sudoc.

Withdrawl process: There are two types of withdrawls

   Withdraw from MERLIN and discard. 

   Withdraw from MERLIN and return to Docs office for exchange list. 

Discarding Items:

   If an item is to be discarded, make sure it does not have a barcode. Stamp the outside of the document with discarded stamp. Paper items can be placed in the blue recycle bin. Items with hard covers must have the cover removed. Use the box cutter to carefully remove the cover. Throw the cover in the trash can and the rest of the book in the recycle bin. 

Latest Edition Only Retained Items