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Government Documents Policy and Procedure Guide: Acquisitions


The Acquisitions Department receives and processes documents deposited by the federal government at the MU Libraries as part of the Federal Library Depository Program. The procedures documents below are specific to our workflow, but contain general information which may be of use. These documents are available for your use under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 license.



Ordering Books - Purchase Orders

FYI,  below you will find a list of purchase requests I sent to Ellis Library Acquistions,   Things to notice about the order:

  1. Acquisitions has a certain email address they prefer we use for purchase requests
  2. It’s nice to send them a URL for more info on the book, but they are expert at finding the lowest cost source for library materials so I never insist they use one vendor or another.
  3. They always need for us to tell them what fund code to use
  4. They generally assume that materials circulate unless we tell them otherwise
  5. They want to know what MERLIN location to use.  For example, CEDII stands for MU ELLIS DOCS.  If the item will have a SuDoc number I have to indicate what that will be.  But they can come up with Library of Congress numbers on their own if the thing will not be housed in the Docs collection. 
  6. If an item is ever ordered to fulfill a patron’s request, we can specify “RUSH.”  Rushed items really do work their way through the system very quickly; within just a few days the thing is in and ready to check out.  Whenever we rush order an item we have to say who should be notified when it’s ready, and where the book should go.  Most often, I ask them to bring the book to me when it’s ready and then I contact the patron to find out when and how they prefer to pick it up.  You know about the hold bin in Circulation – that’s the best place to put things after hours.  Let me know if you need more information about that.

I hope this helps explain the process of ordering materials.  Any time you happen to find desirable materials that have to do both with humanities and government, feel free to let me know and we’ll make orders to get some of this money (NEH gift money, nehd6) spent down.   

MISG funds - go ahead and order if cost is under $60 or so.  No need to get agreement from all those involved.