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Library Liaison Toolkit

Names To Know in Your Liaison Departments

The following is a list of faculty and staff positions and roles that exist within most academic departments, that you will want to keep track of. Faculty rotate in and out of these roles. Check departmental web pages and check in with administrative assistants.

  • Department Chair
  • Director of Graduate Studies
  • Director of Undergraduate Studies
  • Administrative Assistants (staff - there is often more than one, and each have different scopes of responsibility)
  • Library Liaison
  • Active Curriculum Committee  (may be either regular or ad hoc/review-related; may address graduate or undergraduate curriculum)
  • Faculty who seem to teach WI, Capstone, Methods, Research courses frequently, based on course schedules from several semesters

News Hub and Email Distribution Lists

  • Within Outlook, a strategy for locating departmental listservs is to go to the Global Address book (easily done by starting a new email, and clicking Address Book). Search the Address Book for MU A&S, if you are looking for listservs for a department in the School of Arts & Science. For other schools, try searching for MU HES, MU BUS, MU CAFNR, MU COE, MU JOUR, MU ENGR, etc. You can then browse for listserves that look relevant based on the listserv name.
  • If any department does not appear to have a listserv to which you can easily post, consider contacting the department's administrative assistant or the department chair, and inquiring about being able to post. It may be helpful to mention how access to departmental listservs has been enhanced your relationship with other liaison departments of yours.

MU People In the News Custom Search Engine

Here you can search for people, departments, topics, and terms. Normal Google search rules apply. The custom search looks at MU news pages, Faculty Council minutes, AAUP, local newspapers, MU News Bureau, and a few internal sites. It searches MU Libraries announcements, but not other MU Libraries pages. It does not search department pages.

Meeting New Faculty

Coffee Card

When meeting with a new faculty member for the first time, liaison librarians may use the Bookmark Café purchasing card to cover coffee for themselves and the faculty member. When checking the card out at the Ellis Library Admin Office, you should provide a list of all attendees and the purpose of the meeting. Pleaseask the Café for a copy of the receipt, and bring the receipt and the card back to Admin as soon as possible.