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Library Liaison Toolkit

Tracking Departmental Curricula

There are several sources of information related to any department or other campus unit's teaching practices and curricular structure, that may help liaison librarians identify appropriate openings for librarian involvement.

  • Personnel concerned with teaching
    • Faculty serving as Director of Undergraduate Studies
    • Administrative assistants assigned to handling issues related to undergraduate education
    • Permanent or ad hoc curriculum committees, sometimes created in the context of program review - admin assistants may know about these committees' membership, which may not be publicized online but generally is not secret.
  • Departmental/program learning objectives
  • Documents from a recent program review of the department or other unit
  • Courses required for the undergraduate major - described in the Catalog
  • Current and Upcoming Courses: WI, Capstone, Methods, Research

Conversation Starters

  • If you try to get students in your major to "think like [discipline, e.g., like a biologist/historian/psychologist...]" what does that mean to you?
  • When it comes to students doing research in published sources, what problems do you see them encountering? Are the problems fairly constant, or has the nature of the information-seeking problem changed?
  • Do you know about the learning objectives listed in the General Education program? Do you feel like research assignments are a good way to help students achieve them, and how do you see librarian guest lectures, or tutorials, or our research contest, fitting in?
  • If we wanted to focus on some courses for sending "quickie" tutorials on how the information world works, for students to view as homework, and other courses for a more in-depth research coaching workshop with a librarian, within your department's curriculum, where do you think I should focus my efforts?
  • If we were to design short (5 minutes or less) videos about some aspect of how the information world works in your discipline, what would you want us to focus on?
  • If we were to design a quiz or pretest, to help demonstrate to students that they do not, in fact, know as much about research as they think (or as much as their professors want them to know), what would you want us to ask them?

You'll want to have your own answers to many of these questions, but you also need to listen to your faculty's answers.

Assignments and Tutorials