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Library Liaison Toolkit

Institutional Profile

Include a photo of yourself in your profile: 200x200 jpeg or png. Needs to be a recognizable facial image, no older than 2 years.

General Overview content:
Name your departments. (This will make it easier for students to find you in the general listing.)
I look forward to meeting with you. If I am not available at a time that suits you, please contact me via email.

My  Biography:
Please include your degrees, where you got them, how long you’ve been at MU. Something personal may
help students connect with you.

Appointment Preferences

You may set a default minimum appointment length. Durations that are tied to specific reasons for meeting will override this appointment length.

Scheduling deadline: Each librarian may set this as they please.  4:00 p.m. the day prior allows some awareness the day before an appointment. X hours before office hours (=hours before appointment time) would offer more flexibility.

Locations: Office, phone, and Zoom are required. Skype and other online options at the librarian’s discretion.

For Ellis Library subject librarians, we recommend the Research Help & Information Desk as the “office” meeting place. The librarian would reserve meeting spaces through our usual systems, not through MUConnect.

Calendar Manager: We are not using calendar manager. If you need to cancel an appointment (e.g. for illness), you will need to do this yourself via MUConnect.

Email Notifications


We recommend "send one email reminder of all appointments" daily. This will arrive in your Outlook email.
“Send email of each change to appointments” will provide alerts if students make changes or cancel.

Do NOT tick the “change to my Office Hours/Group sessions” box. This would block your entire office hours in your Outlook calendar.

DO choose “read busy times…” This allows MUConnect to overlay the blocked times from your Outlook calendar. Although this will require you to share the details of your calendar, these will only be “read” mechanically and students will see only that you are available/unavailable.