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Library Liaison Toolkit

Current and Future Courses

MyZou normally allows you to search 3 semesters ahead of the current semester and several years back. When searching, first choose a semester, then a subject, then a "Course Career" (graduate, undergraduate, law, medical or veterinary medical). Next, reveal the "Additional Search Criteria." Here, you can do a few things to locate courses that may be worth listing as possibilities for work:

  • Search for Course Attribute: Writing Intensive (undergraduate courses only)
  • Search for Course Attribute: Capstone Course (undergraduate courses only)
  • Search for Course Keywords such as:
    • method - this is auto-truncated so it will also find "methodologies," and the like.
    • research

You can also see the Writing Intensive (WI) courses for the current, past and upcoming semesters on the Campus Writing Center's page. In MyZou, you will see "W" (Writing Intensive) and "HW" (Honors Writing Intensive") designations.

Creating New Courses

Faculty proposing a new course fill out a detailed form that originates and ends with the Registrar's office, but which undergoes a workflow of various approvals, depending on the level and category of course (e.g., undergraduate "Topics" courses undergo less review but Graduate Faculty Senate must approve graduate-level "Topics" courses.)

Deadlines for submitting the form are December 10 for the following summer or fall term and June 15 for the next spring term. Usually, it takes close to two years to get a new course approved AND added to the departmental teaching rotation. Faculty think of a course they want to teach; they propose it to their department and get approval during a faculty meeting, and then start filling out the registrar's form.

This process is separate from getting a course approved for the Writing Intensive designation, which is done after the course itself is approved. The committee that approves WI courses meets several times a year to approve courses; ideally this approval should go through well ahead of time, but in some cases WI approval may occur as late as shortly before classes start for the semester.