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Library Liaison Toolkit

MUConnect Office Hours

To set “office hours”, click on “office hours” in the upper left of the screen.

Note that “office hours” set the widest available time to meet with students. MUConnect will then pull information from Outlook to block unavailable times within this larger window.

First, set the start/end date for this block of office hours. Set them just for one term. This will allow resetting between terms without deleting appointments. Once set for a range of dates, office hours cannot be changed without deleting any appointments made within those dates. So you’ll want office hours to be fairly wide and then use Outlook to block incidental times within that bigger block.

Students and others in MUConnect will only see if you are available/unavailable. They won’t see the details of your Outlook appointments.

If you need to block time in Outlook, not for an appointment, but for any other reason, note that “tentative” in Outlook shows as “unavailable” in MUConnect. This would prevent students from making appointments during this time, but would suggest to library staff and others in Outlook that you could be available for meetings, etc.

Where? All are expected to provide phone, face-to-face, and Zoom. Nav will provide each librarian with a Zoom link. Additional modes of online meeting are at the librarian’s discretion.

Allowing walk-ins means that you can record a drop-in in MUConnect, which may be useful for follow-up notes and is required for recording student consultation statistics.