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Library Liaison Toolkit

Consultation Statistics

Statistics are kept automatically by MU Connect and will be delivered monthly to Rhonda. Record all undergraduate consultations in MU Connect, not in our usual statistics form. If undergraduates drop in or make an appointment with you by some method other than MU Connect, login to MU Connect to make a record of this meeting. If the time has already passed, this will NOT generate a message to the student, but does help us keep statistics and connect library services with student outcomes. Graduate student appointments made via MU Connect will be counted in MU Connect, not elsewhere, but graduate student consultations arranged outside of MU Connect should be counted in our statistics form.

The official definition of a consultation: “Consultations are one-on-one or small group appointments outside the classroom. Includes in-person, online or remotely. Can include walk-up transactions if the person initially asked could not answer and transferred person immediately to another librarian for assistance.” 

Logging a Consultation

Login to MU Connect either through Canvas or at

To record an appointment even if already past, click on the light blue appointment button in the upper left.

Fill out the box that pops up. (This will work even if the appointment time is in the past. If you started at the calendar screen instead, you would be unable to enter anything that has already synced with Outlook.) Important: choose the student’s name from the drop-down menu! This will connect your consultation with their outcomes for any study, but it will NOT send them a message if the date is past.  (You can use Tiger, Truman as a test case to see how this works.)