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Library Liaison Toolkit

Instruction Statistics

Our instructional services take many forms: While we commonly think of instruction as a live act taking place in a classroom or over Zoom, we also need to document our less visible forms of instructional support, which range from creating new guides and tutorials for classes, to directing faculty to existing instructional materials that they can integrate into their classes, to having conversations with professors about how to integrate information literacy concepts into their lessons and assignments.

For that reason, we now ask librarians to document their synchronous instruction (traditional live teaching events, delivered in person or by Zoom) and asynchronous instruction (everything else) using the following statistics forms.

Best Practices for Recording Statistics

  • Librarians should be in the habit of recording synchronous instruction statistics as soon after instruction sessions as possible.
  • Asynchronous statistics can be recorded closer to the end of each semester, at which point librarians should have a good sense of the variety of services they have provided to classes.