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Library Liaison Toolkit

Initiating Instruction

The integration of library instruction into a course is ultimately the prerogative of a professor or instructor of record. That said, subject librarians should promote the value of our instructional services when speaking with faculty and should check in regularly with faculty who have requested instruction in the past.

Each librarian can decide how they prefer faculty in their subject areas to initiate instruction requests. We offer a variety of Instruction Request Forms on the Instructional Services website that facilitate requests; however, librarians are welcome to encourage requests through direct emails, Teams messages, or other communications channels.

Scheduling Instruction Sessions in LibCal

All live instruction sessions--face-to-face or via Zoom, in the library or at another location--should be recorded in LibCal.


  • Booking library-based instruction in LibCal helps to prevent double-booking of library classrooms.
  • By having classes visible on our public-facing calendars, our front-line staff can more easily direct students to the proper classrooms.
  • As our teaching shifts outside of our library spaces and into other classrooms and/or the virtual environment, a public calendar containing all of our live instructional sessions is an easy tool for showcasing the breadth of our instructional program's reach.

Naming Your Session in LibCal

When adding an instruction session in LibCal, please include the following information in your event title:

  • Course subject (e.g., ENGLSH)
  • Course number (e.g., 1000)
  • Section number (e.g., 01)
  • Name of requesting faculty (e.g., Jones)
  • OPTIONAL BUT RECOMMENDED: myZou class number (e.g., 12345)
  • Example: ENGLSH 1000-01 Smith (12345)


  • Our primary form of summative assessment for instruction in 2021-22 is a post-instruction survey administered to students via email. Our survey tool, developed by the Assessment Resource Center, distributes surveys based on the five-digit class number assigned to a section in myZou. If you have this number, please include it in your event title; if you don't have it or cannot find it, we can locate it if we know the proper subject, course number, section number, and instructor of record.