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Signage Policy

Visitors to Ellis Library should encounter spaces that are welcoming to all and conducive to scholarship and learning. The Library Management Team has approved the following standards for signs.

Please note that signs that do not adhere to the guidelines will be removed.

  • Permanent in-library services and wayfinding signs are under the purview of the communications officer in conjunction with Campus Facilities.
  • Short-term signage must be created using templates provided in Canva. Please date and initial short-term signage and inform communications officer. (Communications officer can provide assistance in creating signs.)
  • Emergency and out-of-order signage must be dated and initialed and taken down within 2-3 days or once emergency is over. Anything requiring longer-term signage falls into the category of short-term signage.
  • Paper flyers and informational pieces about campus activities may be posted to information kiosks. Flyers posted in other places will be removed and discarded.

In addition:

    No signs may be taped to wall. Please use appropriate sign holders. If signs must be attached to walls, contact the Administration Office for command strips.
    All signage questions should be directed to the communications officer.
    Final decisions about signage in Ellis Library will be made by the Library Management Team, with input from the communications officer and facilities project coordinator.

Policy submitted to Library Management Team by Ellis Library Sign Task Force on 10/04/2022.

Ellis Library Sign Task Force Members: Shannon Cary, Janice Dysart, Sheila Voss


Approved by Library Management Team on 10/04/2022.