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Ellis Library Food and Drink Policy

Ellis Library Food and Drink Policy

The food and drink policy is intended to help the Libraries maintain a pleasant environment conducive to study and research, while preserving our collections, equipment and furnishings.

Food and Drink Allowed in Ellis Library

  • Individual patrons may consume drinks in covered containers and small quantities of food in most areas of Ellis Library, unless signage indicates otherwise.
  • Food intended to be shared by groups must be approved in advance by Library Administration.
  • Respect those around you. Please consume foods that are smelly, sticky, or messy in the Café area on the ground level or outside.
  • Use care when consuming food and drink while using computers and library materials.
  • Alert library staff about any spills or messes in person at the West Desk or by calling 573-882-2053. This will help us keep library spaces clean for others and reduce opportunities to attract insects and rodents.
  • Dispose of food and drink containers in trash bins or recycling bins.

Restricted Food and Drink Spaces in Ellis Library

  • No food or drink will be allowed in the Special Collections areas.

Alcohol and Tobacco

  • In accordance with University regulation, no alcohol or tobacco products are permitted in the Libraries.

Exceptions to the Policy

  • Scheduled events and activities that include food and/or drink must be approved by Library Administration.


Approved by Library Management August 2023