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Policy 34: Seminar Rooms in Ellis Library

University of Missouri Libraries

General Policy Manual Policy No. 34

Seminar Rooms in Ellis Library

  • Scope of Policy
    • This policy defines the use and assignment of seminar rooms in Ellis Library.
  • Seminar rooms
    • The rooms in Ellis Library which are designated as “seminar rooms” (other than the English, French and Classics seminar rooms on 2-West) are 3D61, 3G61, 3G62, 3E21 and 4B12.
  • Use of Seminar Rooms
    • 3E21 is reserved for the testing needs of students with disabilities. This room is locked when not in use.
    • Generally, 3D61, 3G61, 3G62 and 4B12 are restricted to 400 level courses which in many cases utilize seminar book collections in those rooms. An exception is made for Art History and Archaeology classes below 400 level which are seminar type courses which require access to library materials that are restricted or non-circulating, e.g. elephant folio manuscripts. Exceptions may be authorized by the Assistant Head, Ellis Reference Services Department.
    • 3D61, 3G61, 3G62 and 4B12 are not locked rooms. Use is reserved for scheduled seminars. When not in use by a scheduled seminar, the rooms may be used for individual or group study (unscheduled) by the general public. Priority use, of course, is granted for those needing access to book collections shelved therein.
    • No food or drink is permitted in the seminar rooms.
  • Assignment of Seminar Rooms
    • The Head of the MU Access Office, or designee, schedules tests for students with disabilities. Students, or their exam proctors, sign in at the guards’ station at the West door of Ellis Library. A guard will then go to 3E21 and unlock it. When the student is finished, he/she should return to the guards’ station; a guard will then lock 3E21 again.
    • The Ellis Reference Services Department is in charge of assigning classes to the seminar rooms (with the exception of 3E21). The secretary in the Ellis Reference Services Department assigns the use of these rooms, under the supervision of the Assistant Head, Ellis Reference Services Department.
  • Listing of Courses/Seminar Rooms
    • Once the Ellis Reference Services Department has made the seminar room assignments and has notified the teachers, teachers may arrange to have the courses/seminar rooms listed in the University Course Schedule for the appropriate semester.
    • The Ellis Reference Services Department Secretary will post a class schedule on each of the seminar room doors at the beginning of each semester.
  • Books in Seminar Rooms
    • All books placed in a seminar room must be charged to the room, through Circulation. Any material not checked out to the seminar room will be removed and returned to the stacks.
    • Books in seminar rooms circulate at the discretion of the Reference Librarians.

Sponsored by Anne G. Edwards: July 12, 1996
Submitted to Library Council: August 29, 1996
Approved by Library Council: December 12, 1996
Approved by Library Director: December 12, 1996