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Policy 52: Ellis Library Staff Lounge

University of Missouri Libraries

General Policy Manual Policy No. 52

Ellis Library Staff Lounge

  • Scope of Policy
    • This policy outlines proper and appropriate use of the Ellis Library Staff Lounge. It applies to all full-time and part-time employees that work in the Ellis Library building, and all employees of the University Libraries (hereafter referred to as “Ellis Library employees”).
  • Definition
    • The Ellis Library Staff Lounge is a room provided by the University Libraries Administration for Ellis Library employees to take breaks and have lunch. Furniture and vending machines in this room are for the use of the Ellis Library employees. The refrigerator, microwave ovens, toaster, coffee maker and other cooking equipment as well as dishes, utensils, paper products, salt & pepper, etc., are provided by MU Libraries Staff Association (MULSA) funds. MULSA is an independent, not-for-profit organization that organizes a team of employee volunteers who share responsibility for cleaning the lounge, except for floors and trash collection.
  • General Policy
    • All Ellis Library employees are welcome to use the Staff Lounge for breaks up to 60 minutes immediately before, during, or up to 60 minutes immediately after their scheduled work shift.
    • The University Libraries with the assistance of the MU Libraries Staff Association (MULSA), provide the Ellis Library Staff Lounge for the use of Ellis Library employees. The lounge is a benefit provided by both organizations and Ellis Library employees are expected to follow certain guidelines in utilizing the facility. By observing the following guidelines posted in the lounge, all users will have a clean, safe, and friendly environment to enjoy while working in Ellis Library.
    • The code to the combination for the Ellis Library Staff Lounge is not to be shared with anyone not working either for the University Libraries, or in the Ellis Library building. This includes spouses, children, faculty, staff, and students not working for either the University Libraries or in the Ellis Library building. Employees will be notified by University Libraries Administration in a timely manner when the code is changed.
    • Guests not working in Ellis Library may accompany Ellis Library employees if adequate space is available. Employees are responsible for the behavior of their guests.
    • Use of the Staff Lounge for group study is not permitted.
    • All MU Libraries Staff Association (MULSA) activities taking place in the Staff Lounge are open to all employees.
    • The University Libraries Administration reserves the right to use the facilities as needed. As a courtesy, the University Libraries Administration will notify the Staff Lounge chairperson when the lounge needs to be used for non-MULSA activities.
    • Employees may post items on the bulletin board above the recycling bins. All items must be in compliance with current University policies.
    • With the assistance of the University Libraries Security personnel, MULSA has the authority to remove individuals for disruptive or otherwise inappropriate behavior, or for not being an Ellis Library employee.

Sponsored by Kathy Peters: February 26, 2019
Submitted to Library Management Team: September 4, 2019
Approved by Library Management Team: November 19, 2019
Approved by the Vice Provost for Libraries: November 19, 2019