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Policy 45: Intralibrary Document Delivery

University of Missouri Libraries

General Policy Manual Policy No. 45

Intralibrary Document Delivery

  • Scope of Policy
    • This policy defines Document Delivery as it exists between all units of the Libraries exclusive of items requested through LUMIN Circulation.
  • Definition
    • Intralibrary Document Delivery is the service which makes materials available for the research purposes of MU faculty and staff and for students with disabilities through the delivery systems of the Libraries.
    • Intralibrary Document Delivery is also used for the request and delivery of materials for Reserve and Seminar Rooms.
  • Policies for the Lending of Originals
    • If an item has an In-Circulation Record in LUMIN, circulation procedures are used for placing holds and directing where an item is to be sent.
    • Requests can be left in any circulation unit in whatever form is deemed appropriate in that unit.
    • LUMIN is checked for availability and for verifying the data. A copy of a LUMIN Record may be attached to the request.
    • Libraries Form 15c, or its equivalent, is completed, being sure to supply patron’s name, ID number, address, and telephone number. The form is sent through the Library’s delivery system, but may be sent by telephone, fax, or other electronic means.
    • Libraries filling patron requests will create a Save Transaction on LUMIN circulation indicating the appropriate Pickup Institution and Pickup LOC 1.
    • Materials for Reserve or Seminar Rooms are charged to a Location for a semester at a time.
    • All materials are sent through the Libraries delivery system.
  • Policies for Non-Circulating Material
    • Photocopies will be produced at a cost of $.20 per page and charged to an appropriate University Account.
    • Form 15c or its equivalent can be used.
    • A blanket order must exist at Ellis Library for individuals, departments, the J. Otto Lottes Health Sciences Library, and the Veterinary Medical Library. The Health Sciences Library will charge any account by journal voucher for which it is given the account number and department. The Veterinary Medical Library will issue an IDO and therefore needs account number and department address.
    • Photocopies will be sent through campus mail or fax to the requesting library. Ellis Photocopy Service will send to the Health Sciences and the Veterinary Medical Libraries a copy of the billing information.

Sponsored by Dean Schmidt
Approved by Public Services Committee: April 2, 1992
Submitted to Library Council: April 16, 1992
Approved by Library Council: August 6, 1992
Approved by Director of Libraries: August 6, 1992